BG5 Alpha Leadership Analysis


A BG5 Leadership Analysis enables leaders to a deep understanding of not only their leadership style, but how to connect with their team in a way that brings out the best in all of you. These sessions are delivered to the Team Leader in 3 x 90-120 minutes, with an option for additional workshops involving the team.


BG5 Alpha Leadership Analysis

A BG5 Alpha Leadership Analysis goes to the heart of understanding how to lead and coach a team to optimal success.

Talent optimisation, increased engagement, collaboration, diversity and inclusion are the foundations that ensure team and organisational success. As a leader it is essential for you to have a deep understanding of not only your leadership style, but how to connect with your team in a way that brings out the best in all of you.

Using BG5 we uncover your hidden potential. We enable individuals and managers to see how we are all different, and what our unique strengths are, thereby creating a culture of acceptance and respect. This fosters communication in a way that people are seen, recognised, understood and heard. People get to bring their true authentic selves to work and be respected and valued for it. This is when people truly give their best and when true engagement, collaboration and consistency happens.

BG5 facilitates channels of communication and feedback from a place of understanding and honouring of who the other is at the core. This is when we start to see respect, true guidance, facilitation of growth and change as well as authentic team cohesion happening.

People of today, in the workforce do not want to be controlled, they want guidance and ongoing conversations with their leaders. Leaders who lead from their strengths and authentic selves, not from who they think they should be.

Leadership through the BG5 principles allows you to be more effective, creating optimally balanced teams which naturally call out the strengths of the individuals and teams within your organisation.

A BG5 Team management Dynamics Session is a very clear executive training that enables the leader to understand both their personal management style as well as how to manage their team. It goes to the heart of understanding the bottom line, how to be productive and how to work with the people in your team. It reveals the hidden dynamics and how the 93% of non-verbal communication is operating behind the scenes. When a leader understands their unique design and is able to grasp the unique designs of their team members they are well equipped to manage and lead their team in the most optimal and effective way. 

As leader you become well placed to embrace diversity and encourage engagement and collaboration within your team. You gain an understanding of how to respect and coach each of your team members to access their unique gifts, talents and strengths for the benefit of the individual and the team.

This session is for you if you are a team leader or business owner who:

  • wants to deepen your understanding of how to be the best leader you can be.
  • would like to understand how to individualise your communication with each of your staff members.
  • would like to better understand how to coach and lead your team members towards optimal performance.
  • has challenging dynamics within your team and want to understand how to foster collaboration.

BG5 is an Objective Assessment Tool

BG5 is a revolutionary personal profiling and team dynamic assessment tool that provides an extremely accurate evaluation of who you are and provides a wealth of information about how you are designed to live, work, connect, communicate and lead. It accesses both the conscious and unconscious influences and you get a deep view into the strengths and talents as well as the issues people face when working together. In comparison to other assessment tools, BG5 only requires three pieces of information that are 100% objective and does not rely on any biased or subjective responses.

Typically, assessment tools used to profile leaders, individuals and teams are very subjective, requiring you to answer a long list of questions through the lens of “Who I would like to be”, or “What I would like to do”, or “What I think is expected of me in this role or this job.” It is therefore unlikely to provide an objective evaluation of who you are. It can neither provide an accurate description of what your individual strengths, traits and talents are nor what your shadows and distractions are.

Rather than being boxed into a label or set of descriptors and ultimately reaching a ‘ceiling’ of where most other assessment tools take you, through BG5 you clearly see and understand how nuanced and unique your career design is. You will receive an entirely new perspective on your day to day and strategic business interactions. It will bring fresh and clear communication for you, and a way for you to be in the correct environments so that your strengths and weaknesses create an experience that is best for you and those around you.

With an accurate blueprint in hand, one can easily begin to see how and why certain things have not been functioning optimally in your life, career and business. It can also show you how to let go of these things, and to start relaxing into living out the mechanics of your unique design.

What is covered in the BG5 Alpha Leadership Sessions?

During a BG5 Alpha Leadership Analysis we will cover:

Personal Management Guidelines:

  • Shadow Analysis: What distracts and throws you off track, and where your profit potential comes from.
    • How your shadow/s impact your leadership.
    • How your shadow/s impact your team.
    • How to take advantage of your shadow/s.
  • Business Skills & Focus: The business skills and focus that you bring to the table, especially when in a team setting.
  • Decision Making Focus: Knowing how to make the best decisions with confidence and correct timing.
  • Career Type: Profound insight into the easiest and most natural way for you to utilise your energy.
  • Public Role: How you operate and how people perceive and interact with you.
  • Life Work: The ultimate expression of the work you are here to do in this world.
  • Strengths and Contributions: Your natural gifts, talents, and ways of making contributions to others.
    • What are your core strengths and traits.
    • Leadership, Creative and Business Strengths.
  • Feedback – which includes an exploration of what is and is not working, as well as practical solutions.
  • Observations of your individual design and where “issues” or “hot spots” are likely to surface.

What is covered in the BG5 Team Management Session?

During a BG5 Team Management Session we cover the following:

  • Team Description
    • Details of the team.
    • Business and Team mission and vision.
    • Team Members and Roles.
    • Style of working together.
    • Challenges and issues.
  • Team Management
    • Your personal management style.
    • Team Management – understanding each of your team members.
    • Exploring your team dynamics
    • A brief career overview of each team member.
    • How to work with each person in your team by type.
    • How to pull out and encourage the skills, strengths, gifts and talents from your team members.
    • How each team member is designed to operate and how people perceive and interact with them.
    • The role and impact of emotions and emotional intelligence within the team and with specific team members.
    • Other nuances that will help you to understand your team members.
    • Feedback – which includes an exploration of what is and is not working, as well as practical solutions.
    • Observations – of leadership and team dynamics – where to focus and what “issues” and “hot-spots” are likely to surface.
    • Suggestions – How to move forward with your team in the most optimal way.

We explore how the team dynamics will show up based on the individual career designs of each team member, the leadership of the Alpha and what happens when the team members come together to complete work tasks and projects. We reveal why some work environments feel comfortable, while others feel “off”. Why some teams thrive and others fail. Why you feel energetically drained in one setting and energised in another. Why you feel a click with some people and resistance with others. How miscommunication arises so easily with some people and not with others.

We explore the “what” and the “why” of the team and larger organisation and what the working styles of the individuals are. We explore the challenges, problems and weaknesses and how these potentially cause negativity and dysfunction in the team. Clearly understanding the team dynamics and all the nuanced elements that create harmony versus disharmony, will allow leaders to be more effective managers and for teams to be more successful and productive and ultimately maximising engagement and collaboration.

How are the BG5 Alpha Leadership sessions delivered?

Working with a consultant will allow you to synthesize all aspects of the analysis together, as well as to receive practical individual guidance in terms of how to incorporate this within your career and business scenarios.

The BG5 Alpha Leadership Analysis & Team Management is delivered to the Leader over 3 x 90-120 minute sessions, with time for questions.

All sessions are delivered over video call, and you will be provided with a recording of the session and a copy of the supporting documentation.

There is an additional option for additional workshops involving the team – these can be delivered on site or over video conference.

How soon after payment can I schedule my sessions?

You will receive an email within 24 hours of placing your order to confirm your order. You will be asked to supply the three pieces of objective data required to compile your BG5 Alpha Leadership & Team Dynamics Analysis. It then typically takes 7-10 business days to prepare your Analysis. Once the Analysis has been completed, you will be sent a link to schedule a mutually convenient time.

Note: Your payment for these sessions indicates your readiness and commitment. This in turn invites me to use my energy to prepare for and deliver these sessions optimally for you.  You may have questions before committing and we can happily communicate about those.  You are welcome to book a discovery call where we can chat about your options.  I will need your birth data before this call so that I can communicate to you in the most effective way.

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