Annual Cycle Analysis


An Annual Cycle Analysis will give you great insight into the past year and the year ahead for you. Your challenges, opportunities for growth and learning.


BG5 Annual Cycle Analysis/Review

An Annual Cycle Review will give you great insight into the past year and the year ahead for you.

You will get to see the challenges and opportunities for growth, and the environmental themes both for the past year and the year ahead.

When we reflect on the past year it really helps to put things into perspective, and often brings meaning and understanding to how and why things played out in the way that they did. Often clients feel relieved at seeing how things unfolded in the ways that they did and how each part of the year had a purpose and brought opportunities for growth. You get to see why certain people showed up in your life and why the environments were as they were. It gives you an opportunity to process, reflect, make sense of, acknowledge your progress, and put all the pieces together in a way that brings completion.

In addition, you can prepare for the upcoming year. Similar to having a weather report – if you know that it is going to rain – you can be prepared and take an umbrella.

By having an Annual Cycle Review 3 months before your birthday, you get to see what lies ahead. You can begin to prepare for the different themes, environments, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Annual Cycle Review is a great way to put things into context and gives you a deeper understanding into what has happened and what you are going to experience so that you can understand and process the lessons and challenges presented. You also get to understand how you can distort things when you are living in your shadow or not-self. You get the opportunity to align to your true nature and understanding how the conditioning elements of the year could affect you. You get to see where you may be under pressure and where the mind may be preoccupied and how this could move you away from your true self. The more you operate in you shadow, the more personal things will feel for you, and the more resistance you will meet during the year. The more you bring awareness to what is happening around you, the easier it will be for you to align to your natural rhythm and flow.

During the Annual Cycle Review you get to reinforce your design, and how to make decisions as yourself so that you only get the experiences that are correct for you.

The annual cycle review consists of the following:

  • 1 x 90-minute session where we look at the foundations of your design.
  • 1 x 90-minute session dedicated to the past year, and all the aspects that were in play – as a way for you to reflect
  • 1 x 90-minute session where we take a look at the coming year.


Check out Lynda Gaiao’s professional profile which lists her BG5 Qualifications

Note: Your payment for these sessions indicates your readiness and commitment. This in turn invites me to use my energy to prepare for and deliver these sessions optimally for you.  You may have questions before committing and we can happily communicate about those.  You are welcome to book a discovery call where we can chat about your options.  I will need your birth data before this call so that I can communicate to you in the most effective way.

Before having an Annual Cycle review, and exploration into your design is useful. A good starting point is a BG5 Overview


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