3 Month Human Design Immersion Package




  • Human Design Chart Session
  • 2 Living your Design calls/month
  • 2 De-conditioning healing sessions
  • Personalised Healing Mediation
  • Weekly Inspirations
  • As needed over Voxer:
    – Progress / whats next
    – Nudges / reminders
    – Process / Mind / Awareness
    – WTF

To live as yourself you begin with seeing what is not you. From this place you can begin the healing journey. This is not about fixing you as what is truly you is unique and perfect. It is about helping you to let go of, release any attachment to, to unhinge yourself from any identification with anything that has come from you moving through the conditioning field. It is a process of awakening you to the spirit within. To the spirit that has always been there. Your warrior essence that knows that way. Fall deeply into yourself. Navigate to the deepest reaches of your soul, feel comforted, held, support and accepted. Awaken your spirit within. Live the life you deserve and were designed to live.



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