12 Week Career/Business Design Analysis Package


Take your business or career to the next level with this focused 12 week BG5 Career or Business Design Analysis Package.

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Take your business and career to the next level with the 12 week focused package looking at your career or business design.

The BG5 Career and Business Success package enables you to align to your authentic self and be valued and respected for it.

Over a 12 week period we will dive into your Design. You receive everything included in the BG5 Analysis. In addition, you get 4 x Review sessions so that you can really put what you have learned into practice.

The BG5 Career and Business Success Package includes:

  • 3 x Analysis sessions (total 6 hours)
  • 4 x Consulting / Review sessions (1 hour each)

The sessions are prescheduled as follows:

  • Analysis Session 1 – Week 1
  • Review Session 1 – Week 2
  • Analysis Session 2 – Week 5
  • Review Session 2 – Week 6
  • Analysis Session 3 – Week 9
  • Review Session 3 – Week 10
  • Wrap up Session / Review Session 4 – Week 12

The Review Sessions are there for you to ask questions, reflect on what you have learned, and to be guided deeper into understanding your Career & Business Design.  You get to bring my focus onto what is going on for you and how to course correct to be in alignment with your design.

Note: Your payment for these sessions indicates your readiness and commitment. This in turn invites me to use my energy to prepare for and deliver these sessions optimally for you.  You may have questions before committing and we can happily communicate about those.  You are welcome to book a discovery call where we can chat about your options.  I will need your birth data before this call so that I can communicate to you in the most effective way.

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