When water flows down the side of a hill, it creates grooves or pathways, eroding the sand and rock beneath it as it goes.  Where one pathway is created, the water continues to follow this path, and deepens the groove each time the water flows.

As the days, months and years pass, these grooves can become so deeply entrenched that any new water has no choice but to follow the pathway that has been created before.

When we look at how the brain works, we see a similar process in place.

The neural networks of the brain are like pathways.  When the neurons fire they move along the neural network, along these pathways in the brain.  These pathways become the patterns, habits and behaviour that we are more likely to follow. 

They become who we think we are.

The more times they are used, the easier it becomes for them to be used again and again and again. Essentially how we act and behave follows the path of least resistance, the path of easiest flow.  These behaviours, actions and habits then get handed over to our subconscious to “act” on our behalf.

In addition, there are various chemical cocktails that are produced in the brain as these behaviours and ways of thinking are followed.  In many cases we become “addicted” to acting or behaving in a certain way and most of this is happening at an unconscious level, i.e. we are not aware that it is happening.

What happens when these pathways are neither healthy nor correct for us?

What if we have become so “addicted” to a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of being, a way of acting – and on many levels we don’t even know we have become so identified with this person we think we are?

If this behaviour or pattern of behaviour or habit that we keep repeating and repeating is causing some kind of disfunction in our lives, if it is “pushing” us to do things that are not working for us, if we feel pressured to be or do, and if it is bringing suffering into our lives then how do we go about altering the course of these deeply grooved pathways?

Life stories are filled with trauma, or “bad” experiences that in many instances have been repeated to varying levels of degree over our lifetime. The word trauma may not be something that you immediately identify with, however, repeated teasing and bullying on the school yard could be a form of trauma.  Authority figures constantly demeaning or name calling could be another form of trauma.  Loss of a job, loss of a loved one, divorce, moving to a new country.  Our lives are littered with experiences that contribute to how the neurons in our brain fire, and how we become to be who we are.

How do we take something that is deeply ingrained and subconscious and shift it?

We do not know what we don’t know, and so until you can “see” what your patterns are, until you can raise unconscious thoughts, processes, patterns and habits to the surface you will remain stuck in repeating unhealthy behaviours and thought patterns that continue to lead to suffering. 

Human Design and BG5 have been instrumental in helping me and my clients to see what is hiding below the surface.  To recognise what keeps them in these repetitive cycles of behaviour and thought that are really not serving them.  They provide essential and practical tools to help you “see” and how to shift things towards healthy and correct behaviours and actions.

When you start living your design, you become aware of what has been pulling you off track and you are provided with signposts that help you stay on track.

You begin seeing your value, you begin living as your authentic self and life becomes free flowing and resistance free.

On the level of a personal awakening journey, Human Design has been instrumental in helping me to see what has been holding me back.  BG5 has really assisted me to see how to leverage all my skills, strengths and traits towards aligning to success.

Each one of them is a practical tool to bring awareness to the hidden dynamics and to be able to use them to successfully live your design.

As a guide, I am here to help you see what you cannot, to welcome you to a world where life flows, and you get to show up as your authentic self everyday and be valued and respected for it.

Taking either of these journeys requires courage and a willingness to embrace your spirit for living the life that you were designed and deserve to live.

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Lynda Gaiao 

Living aligned to success