Physical pain is something all humans experience.

We have a tendency to want to run away from, to escape this pain. We try to ignore it. We may even medicate so that we don’t feel it or to lessen its intensity. We have associated the feeling of pain with something unpleasant with something that keeps us away from enjoyment of our lives. Our minds project the pain into the future and we begin imagining what the discomfort will feel like throughout our day or our week. As we do this the pain begins to intensify. Our minds begin making up stories about what our life will be like with this pain in it. We begin to associate the pain with suffering and before we know it we are immersed in this suffering.

  • What if there is a different way to look at pain?
  • What if there is a different way to approach pain?

Present moment awareness gives us a window into how to see our pain in a new way.

If you bring all your attention and awareness into the present moment and you focus on the pain in just this moment.

  • If the pain only exists in this moment and no other moment, does it feel different?
  • In this moment and only this moment are you willing accept your pain as it is?
  • In this moment and only this moment are you willing to see you pain as something that is here to help you?
  • In this moment and only this moment are you willing to love the pain?

When we can begin to accept, acknowledge and love our pain it will reveal to us why it is in our lives and from this place true healing can begin.

Set an intention to see your pain from a different perspective.

Instead of seeing it as something that keeps you from living the life you want, see it as a reminder, an opportunity to go deeper within. To truly see what your heart desires from you. Instead of trying to ignore the pain, or make it go away, stop and listen to it.  Stop and take the time to connect to your inner self, to the part of you that is calling out to be heard.  Most often, all we need to do is to stop and listen.  To take the time to tune in and find out what is going on.  Our minds have a way of taking us into unhelpful and unhealthy energy vibrations all the time, and generally we are unaware of the fact that we are there.  When we take the time to stop, tune in and listen, we are able to correct our course, we are able to change our energy vibration and in doing so we can let go of the pain.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

It is almost guaranteed that as a human being you will experience pain.  Yet the level of suffering that you experience as a result of the pain is totally optional.  Each time that you see your pain as a opportunity to go within, to heal, to connect, to follow your guidance, you are able to minimise or even avoid suffering all together.

You are a powerful being and you have within you the resources to heal yourself.

I see you…