Hi, gorgeous people. My name is Lynda.

Yes, you read the title: Not another gratefulness practice.  Seriously, how many can there be?

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I’ve been involved in the metaphysical realm for many years now and I’ve known about gratefulness for years.  Each time I see someone sharing their version of a gratefulness practice, I’ve used it.  Some of the practices that I have tried had me waking up each day and writing down five things at the top of my journal that I am grateful for.  I tried them, I enjoyed them, but they never seemed to feel as powerful as I thought that they should. Additionally, I found it really challenging to sustain the practice of using them.

Recently I came across something that has changed all of that.

Let me share with you, my take on how I’ve adapted the gratefulness practice for me and how it’s really had a massive impact on my life.

Let’s start with some background information:  I was very successful financially and in my business at a really young age.  I achieved way past my own expectations financially.  Then in my early 30’s we made the choice to leave our country of birth because we no longer feel safe to live there.  When we immigrated I had this expectation that I would just take off in the new country from the same place that had left from. I thought I would just start rocking it in business and generally in my world.  Well I was in for a big shock, as this did not happen at all.  In fact, there was so much hardship which literally cut me down to size.  I pretty much lost everything that I had ever worked for and had to restart and rebuild from the ground up.   I found myself in this place where I felt beaten down.  The wind was totally knocked out of my sails.  I reached a real low point in my life.

One of the things that helped to pull me out of this place was my version of a gratefulness practice.  It has had this amazing way of getting me back into the into the swing of things, into the rhythm of things.

I realised the reason that the gratefulness practices I was using were failing me, was because of my previous success in life.  I had come to this place of expecting a certain level, I felt that I deserved a certain level that I should receive automatically.  This was my biggest mistake.  On some level I had developed this sense of entitlement where I felt that I should just have certain things. I lost so much because of this. It made things worse for me.  It sent me on a downward spiral.

I started to recognize how I was missing out.

I was missing a crucial element of a gratefulness practice.   Gratefulness begins with the small everyday things in our lives.  It isn’t only about the big massive things that we want and are striving for.  When we are striving to succeed in business and in our lives, we’ve got visions, and goals that we set ourselves to achieve.  We are continuously striving to achieve and to reach those goals. The problem though is that because we are teleological in nature (goal-driven), whenever we get to our goal we just create a new one.  This means that we are consistently striving for the next goal and the next one and the next.  For many of us we don’t actually stop to recognize how far we’ve come and to really celebrate our successes.

Herein lies the clue as to how I was able to change things for myself.

Not only did I start becoming more aware of the everyday things. For example, having clean water that is cold from the fridge is to me an amazing thing. The reality is that many people don’t have this. If you live in the western world we tend to not appreciate how amazing this is.  Being able to just take a sip of cold, clean fresh water.  Allowing its goodness to flow into your mouth.  As the water slides down your throat, absorbing the energy of it, and feeling totally appreciative and thankful for each drop.  Being grateful and thankful for how amazing it is that I can just walk a couple of meters to my fridge and click on, and receive filtered water.   It really is amazing!

Here is the extra juicy spice that I want to share with you. As you take a sip of this water, not only do you mentally appreciate and be thankful and grateful for it.  You need to feel it energetically too.  Soak it into your energetic body and allow it to sit in your being.  Yes, I am really, truly and deeply grateful for this.  I feel it on a cellular level.  I feel it right down to the core of my being.

This way of practicing gratefulness is starkly contrasted with what I was doing previously.  We cannot just write in a journal: I’m grateful for clean fresh water without stopping to actually connect energetically with that statement.  With WHY you are grateful for this item.  When we only write something without connecting to the energy of it, we are only scratching the surface.

The energy of gratefulness will not permeate deep down to the parts of us that create real change.

Once I realised this, I started noticing all the small things that I had in my life.  I focused on deep and meaningful gratefulness for each one of these things. I started tracking how each success was appearing in my life – no matter how small it was.

I would put out an offer, or a call out for people to opt into something I had created for my tribe. I would have a goal of reaching X number of people.  However rather than focusing only on that goal, I begin to celebrate and feel deep gratefulness for each person that signed up.  In the past I would have focused on not getting 10 people, rather than being grateful for one person.  I really aimed at connecting into the energy of feeling grateful for one person showing up. Allowing the feeling of being grateful to sit in my energy field.  As soon as I started to do this, I was amazed at what began happening.

Rather than only having one or two people signing up, I stared getting 100’s of people signing up.  I was putting out into the universe the energy of wanting to truly touch people on a soul level and feeling deeply grateful for each person that the universe sent to me.

Part of my mission on this planet is to connect with people on a soul level.  So, I have chosen to allow and to receive.

I have chosen to tune into the emotion of the feeling of gratefulness for where I am, for what I have achieved, for the success that I am reaching. This has immense power to totally transform you, to transform your life.

I encourage you to take time to feel grateful for things, to resonate with the energy of gratefulness. To celebrate your successes.  I often celebrate my successes is by dancing.  I get up and dance and feel the energy in my body.  To allow myself to acknowledge where I am, how far I have come.  I chose not to become complacent, not to just expect things.

I choose to be consistently grateful and appreciative for what comes into my world.

I can guarantee you, that if you can feel this on an energetic level, then things will begin to shift and change for you too.

Thank you for listening gorgeous, beautiful souls.