At 00h04 on the 23rd of January 2020, we enter into the energy of the New Year.

This is the beginning of a new solar cycle, the beginning of a new human experiential way on this plane.

The past couple of weeks have been all about reflection of the past cycle:

  • Looking at your WHY?
  • Looking at your WHO?
  • Allowing the WHAT to surface.
  • Understanding the HOW by letting go of limitation.

Reflection after any cycle is extremely valuable. The conditioning of the collective puts a huge amount of pressure on us to be ready to step into a new year on the 1st of January, by passing the much needed time for assessment and reflection. 

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Looking at your WHY

A deep understanding of where you have used your energy, seeing where your spirit was ignited, where you felt deeply purposeful. Looking back and knowing where and when these experiences occurred for you, lay the foundation for how and where to use your energy in the coming cycle. 

All of us, through the conditioning field, have entered into things that are neither healthy nor correct for us. In this new cycle you now have an opportunity to be truly mindful of stopping, waiting and ensuring that you enter into those things that wake your spirit up, that bring out your unique purpose. 

Your reflection on the past cycle will give some valuable clues as to what brings life into your soul, so that you can allow more of that into your life in this new cycle.

Looking at your WHO

We are not silos totally disconnected from all other beings. There is a connection that runs deeply between us. 

Some people are your people.  They are the ones that recognise your brilliance and are advocates for seeing you rise and shine, standing in your unique power.

  • Who are these people?
  • Who are your true allies?

Who is going to walk beside you, supporting you and you supporting them in return?

These are the people you want to connect with more often, spend more time with and share your energy with as you step into the new cycle.

With these people by your side, seeing and promoting your brilliance, you will rise up through the ranks, and in return for the support you receive, you will help to elevate all of those around you.

Allowing the WHAT to surface

A noisy mind, filled with endless questions, feeling pressured to know all the answers can feel like we are going insane.  It stirs up anxious energy, making us feel as if we need to DO something about all of this.  Your true inner knowing will surface from within you when the timing is right. You cannot force it or will it into surfacing. 

  • Waiting, allowing yourself to be the witness to the mystery of not knowing – until you do.
  • Allowing silence to exist amidst the noisy mind – no needing to do – just to witness.
  • When the knowing reveals itself – it will be clear and undeniable. 
  • There will be no questions.
  • The knowing will run deep into the core of your being.

This will reveal to you your WHAT. 

Understanding the HOW by letting go of limitation

Limitation is part of the human experiential way. Yet most of push and strive for everything to be possible. 

  • When we stop forcing and pushing.
  • When we acknowledge what is. 
  • When we accept who and what we are.

Is when we truly transcend and transform all limitation. In the moment that we do this, we are able to fully let go and step into our power. It reveals to us how we are to move forward in this new cycle, free from all the things that have been holding us back and limiting us from seeing, knowing and living our true potential. 

Now it is time to embrace the new year.

As we enter into this week, we are flooded with the energy of a new year.

This energy brings with it a new experiential cycle. The hunger to experience emotion and the desire to interact with others through feelings. It brings with is a desire to dream about having new experiences, yet there is no way of knowing what the new experience will be, when it will happen or with whom.

Letting go of all expectations and entering into each experience through our strategy and authority is crucial to ensure that they are correct for us.  In this way we will get to experience exactly what we need. These experiences are not about fulfilling your expectations but rather to enter into them correctly so that you can purely enjoy the discover of the new feeling that awaits you.


Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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