In today’s modern world so many of us live surrounded by concrete, and electricity and a lot of people.

The question we need to ask is – what energy do these things hold and what affect do they have on us, on our energy and on our brains.

In this video blog, I share with you how connection to nature can and does awaken our senses. Our senses are a gateway, a portal into our intuitive wisdom, into the higher realms.

Our connection to earth is crucial. It brings with it a calming, balancing and peaceful energy which allows us to restore, rejuvenate and heal.

By awakening our senses and expanding our awareness we can begin to connect to our heart and soul. From this space our enjoyment and flow with life happens effortlessly and we can release ourselves from the drama around us.

A practice in nature is truly healing from the inside out and will definitely bring more sparkle into your life.

Watch the video below to learn more about how and why connection to nature is so important and beneficial for you.

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