There are certain topics which most people in our modern day society avoid. One of those is sadness or depression.

There is this perception – which is pushed by the media and social media – that our lives should always be “UP” and never “DOWN”. That as soon as we feel sad we should do whatever we can to change our state.

What if though, these states of melancholy could be something that we could accept, tolerate and possibly even enjoy. What if from these states some of our most refelctive and creative moments could arise?

Your states of Melancholy could be some of the most beautiful periods of your life.

It is only in allowing the mind and the world around us to tell us that these states are something that we should avoid and escape that the deepest suffering and agony arises from them.

In your Human Design you may have some elements of Melancholy in your design and when you SEE that this is part of who you are, you can learn to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, rather than fighting against it.


Come and play!!

As a guide I can help you on this journey. I can guide you to know and trust yourself.

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