Human Design is an amazing tool

to help you live the life you were designed to live

Unlock your design

Living your Human Design is fascinating. Through your Human Design chart you are GUIDED to truly SEE the TRUTH of who you are.

You are able to release and let go of all the conditioning that is holding you back and preventing you from SEEING your IMMENSE SOUL POWER.

The journey of Living your HUMAN DESIGN EXPERIMENT is like falling into the void. Like stepping out of the MATRIX and realising how conditioned and homogenised you have become.

You begin to LOVE and ACCEPT yourself FOR WHO YOU ARE and LIVE the life you were DESIGNED to live.

Understanding your Human Design

Human Design provides a MAP for you to SEE and KNOW the AMAZING UNIQUE YOU.

It shows you that you are ALREADY PERFECT, and there is NOTHING to FIX.

That in order to live out your uniqueness, to just be yourself you just need to let go of what is NOT YOU.

The NOT-SELF is made up of all the CONDITIONING you have been exposed to and when you can SEE this, when you can KNOW and OBSERVE this, you can FIND YOU.

Human Design provides you with the EXACT map that you need to SEE exactly where your CONDITIONING is, and so enables you to LET it GO and SEE THE REAL YOU.

Map of who you are

Deepen your understanding of how to live your Human Design

Whether you are new to Human Design or have already been on your Human Design journey for a while, I can guide you to a deeper understanding of your design and how to live truly and authentically as yourself. 

What is human design?

Human Design is a blend of eastern wisdom and modern science. It guides you to trust your "knowing" and find your inner compass in life. It is a pathway to deep self-love and awakening.

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Once you have your Human Design Chart, many people are faced with the question What now?

Your Human Design chart is an amazing tool to not only see your uniqueness, but it enables you to live a life AS YOU.

Living your Human Design is a FACEBOOK group focused on understanding your Human Design and playing with your Human Design Experiment.

This group is about learning and discussing what YOUR experiences are within your Human Design Experiment and in the world of Human Design and sharing what it means to be LIVING AS YOU.

Living your Human Design

LIVING your human design FACEBOOK GROUP

living your design training videos

To gain a deeper understanding of the Human Design System and all the elements that are combined to make up the Human Design Chart, this video training channel has been set up.

Training is online and at your own pace.

The videos can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.

Just click on subscribe below, and you will get instant access to the training videos.


You have your Human Design Chart and you have started playing in your Human Design Experiment.

So what now?

Come and chat to fellow Human Design Enthusiasts. Share your experiences and how your Human Design Experiment is working for you.

Lynda has been playing in her Human Design Experiment since early 2018 and would love to hear about how your experiment is working for you!

Human Design Conversations is an informal and relaxed environment to come and share what is and is not working for you. 

Check out the Events page to see what’s happening next.

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