Each one of us has their own unique life force energy – this is the core of you, the essence of you.

Human Design gives you simple strategies and tools to connect to that life force energy.

When you connect to that energy you are in divine resonance with the truth of who you are.

The reality for most of us is that we are extremely disconnected from this life force energy.

Most of us are looking for someone to tell us how this all works, but in reality, only you can know how it works for you.

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Others may be able to guide you or give you pointers, but they can never say – this is how it will work for you.

Through your own discovery process you will truly uncover how it works for you.

No one else can give you a seven-step or five-step process to get from A to B.  Each one of us has their own path and journey to discovering and reconnecting to the truth of who you are.

When you can get to a place of having your life force energy operating before your mind, then you are living the truth of who you are.

Your life force energy moves you through life.

As soon as you find yourself thinking about, reasoning, explaining, rationalising – then you have slipped into the world of mind – and out of your frequency.

You get to this place where your life force energy moves you and you are sitting back, relaxed, watching and trusting that it knows the way. You become the observer of your life force energy.

The challenge comes in where our minds have ruled the show and they will fight to stay in control. They do not want to let go.

A battle starts between the mind wanting to be in control and the witness, just watching and letting go.

How do we get to this place where we can just watch, where I can be a witness and have awareness.?

For most of us it is a gradual process. A day by day and moment by moment practice. It is a gradual opening and expanding of your awareness to see what you did not before.  To see the conditioning, habits, patterns that have ruled your life – you don’t do anything about them – you just begin to see.  It is through the observation, that the awareness expands.

Initially while you are busy with your experiment you may not be able to see how your awareness is expanding, but over time you will begin to notice the level of seeing you begin to have.

Things that may help you in this journey:

  • Be present
  • Be patient
  • Watch
  • Notice
  • See what you see

In the noticing and the expanded awareness what often happens is that it feels like things are getting worse at first.  This is simply you seeing things that you were not consciously aware of before.  You are noticing how trapped you have been and how much control the mind has had over your life.  Awareness at first does not change anything – it just lets you see – and often we are shocked by what we see.

You put into the spotlight the mind – which until now has largely gone unnoticed – and now it feels as if it needs fight for and defend its position.

In the process anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment will come up for you. Then as time moves on and you continue to watch, you continue to notice, the power of the mind over your life begins to fade.

What arises in its place is this raw energy, the core of your being, the truth of who you are. 

You need to go through the fire, burning to the ground all that is not you, so that you can rise from the ashes to reveal your truth.

The energy of the truth of who you are is unmistakable.

When you are operating before mind, when your life force energy moves you through life, when you trust – you have connected to the truth of who you are.

Each time we slip out of this – we just go back to noticing, to awareness, to seeing.

In my journey I have had these massive periods where I see that I have slipped into mind.  It begins to tell me what I should be doing, how I should be doing things, why I should be doing things – and turns in on me, making it something wrong with me. I soon as I notice this – I honour the power of being the witness. I watch and I see. Sure, there are times when my mind wins and gets me to do things, yet each time I watch and become the witness, the power of my mind to move my body into action decreases.

This is not a quick process – deconditioning. We have been deeply programmed on a cellular level and the process to let go can take years.  We need to let go of everything the mind has been using to keep us on autopilot.

We get to this place of being the observer and the witness to our amazing life force frequency that knows exactly where to go.  It is outside of conditioning. It is not homogenised. It is not what society expects you to do or tells you to do.  It is about living your truth and owning your truth.

It can be really scary.

Yet it is profoundly empowering.

What to watch out for…

  • What comes out of you before the mind steps in and has an opinion – this is your unique life force energy.
  • Become aware of your unique life force energy.
  • Notice when you have slipped into the realm of mind.
  • Come back to awareness as soon as you become aware.
  • Work towards trusting that your life force energy knows the way

For most of us it will take time to trust our life force, and quite likely we have spent a lifetime not trusting it.

I totally understand that this journey is not for everyone – and that is okay.

If you want to be guided deeper into your journey and I am correct for you – then let me know, I would love to share in your journey.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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