Times are changing…

And with it the entire way that we will be required to show up in the world. The next 7 years are the last seven years of an old paradigm, one in which we have become reliant on systems, structures, organisations and governments.  We have put our faith and trust in these structures to make decisions for us, to lead us, to guide us along our path.

Yes, these systems and structures have been helpful, and they have brought about massive change for so many that is both positive and transformational. However, as we look around at these large organisations we can see that they are already showing signs of crumbling and breaking down.  What has worked for the past 400 years will no longer work.

The downside of us putting our trust in the organisations, systems and structures, is that in the process we have given up our own authority. We have lost connection with our inner truth. Instead we have become dependent on these structures to take charge, to lead the way, to make decisions for us.

Rather than having your unique perspective and co-contributing, most people sit back, not involved, disconnected from the grass roots of what is happening, not fully knowing why or what their unique contribution to the whole is. We have become unsure of what our own personal inner truth is and how to be guided through it.

We have become dependent on the system and structures. 

Dependency of any kind is unhealthy. When we become dependent on anything other than our own inner truth to guide us through life is when we lose who we are. As we lose ourselves in dependency we lose our ability to trust ourselves. We lose our connection with the truth of who we are. We lose access to our inner truth.

The moment that the structures and systems that we have become dependent on collapse, is the moment that disorder, chaos and confusion descend on us. If we are unable to connect to our inner truth, If we are unable to be guided by our inner truth to make our own decisions that are correct and healthy for us, we are unable to operate correctly as ourselves. We become lost in the distortion field, broadcasting a disrupted signal, unable to connect with our true gifts and potential, unable to share our unique gifts and talents with the world.  We feel completely lost.

The old paradigm is breaking down. 

In seven years we will enter into a new cycle, and if you have not connected to your inner truth and your unique life force energy by this time, you will descend into disorder, chaos and confusion.

This is a quote from Ra Uru Hu about the changing times that are coming:

“The whole world direction is a shock – it’s going to be a shock… To be able to operate correctly as yourself – to operate in a world that will demand nothing less. It is a world that will embrace those who can operate as themselves. And it will mean a great deal of disorder and chaos and confusion to those who are lost in dependency. Everyone was nurtured in it. Everything about our kind is rooted in dependency. Dependency is about giving up your own authority.”

How then do we step out of dependency and into Inner truth?  We need to become aware of our conditioning and learn to let it go.

Conditioning has a controlling effect. 

In the Human Design System, they talk about conditioning. This is essentially all the “stuff” that you have accumulated over your life time that has come from the world around you. Conditioning is powerful and can create massive suffering in your life (and it most often it does).

Conditioning shapes who we THINK we are.

It exerts massive pressure on us to think, be and behave according to what the world around us says we should. It literally creates a layer or a mask, covering up your unique life force energy. It penetrates into you on a cellular level – making people sick, stopping them from living out their life purpose. It is definitely NOT you.  

As you discover your Human Design and begin living your design, following your strategy and authority, you begin to de-condition. 

You begin to let go of everything that is not you.

As you let go of what is not you, the truth of who you are can be revealed. You ability to connect to your unique gifts and talents improves. You begin to feel more like yourself than you have ever felt before. You begin to understand what it means to be you. You begin to trust yourself. You become aligned to your truth. You begin making decisions correctly as yourself. You stand in your power as the unique being that you are!

The de-conditioning process takes seven years!

This means that if you start living authentically as yourself this year, by 2027 when the new cycle begins, you will be ready to live uniquely as yourself, when the inevitable chaos, disorder and confusion descends.  Rather than feeling lost, crippled and paralysed by this, you will instead by able to not only function but thrive in the new cycle. 

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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