How much easier would your life be if you could know what choice to make.  If you could look within yourself and connect to your deep inner wisdom and check in to see what choice is in alignment with your soul path.



Well you can!

It does take practice but it is fully possible to check in with yourself and know what direction to take, which choice to make.

So, how can you do it?


I call it the YES / NO response.  Your body responds in different ways to a YES than it does to a NO.  If you learn to tune into your body, to the physical sensations it has, to the subtle changes in energy within you, then you can elevate your awareness to the point where you will know when your body is responding with a YES and when it is responding with a NO.

When you start learning this, you need to approach it with a lightness of heart and spirit and have fun with it.  You may have never listened to your body or to the messages coming from your heart in this way before, so you may need time to really tune into it.  The best way to do this is to play, have fun and to practice.

Start with simple things, things that you aren’t too concerned about getting “right” and keep playing until you are clearly able to recognise your YES response from your NO response.  Next you can move onto choices and decisions that hold more weight in your life and ultimately you can move to using it to make your big life decisions.

This is about learning to trust yourself and about showing your inner wisdom that you believe and trust in the guidance that it has to offer you.  A relationship of trust can take time to build up and you need to show your commitment and your pure intentions towards this practice if you are to be able to truly connect to the wisdom in your heart.

Sending you light and love.