How connected are you to your intuitive awareness?

by Lynda Gaiao

Let us investigate intuitive survival in the now.

  • How connected are you to your intuitive awareness?
  • Are you alert to and aware of your intuition to that ancient awareness within you that knows exactly what you need to survive and thrive?
  • What is it telling you?
  • Are you listening? 

Or are you distracted by the noise of life?  By the pressure, the stress, the fear, and the anxiety, so much so that you can’t even hear that voice.

How often do you just stop?

We have all been in a scary position, perhaps walking down a dark alley at night, or somewhere where you didn’t feel safe. The hairs on your arm stand up. You just get the spidey sense feeling that something isn’t quite right. And you will make a decision to not go down that alley or to take a slightly different path, to do something that you wouldn’t normally do in your logical world. Something that defies logic. And often, retrospectively, you can see that something inside of you was alerting you to something that you had no conscious awareness of. That you had no thinking mind access to. Something that tapped into the greater picture of your life and knew something that you didn’t even know yet yourself. Something that was there to protect you, something that was there to ensure your survival, to help move you away from danger and towards a path that was more supportive, more nurturing, and potentially meant the difference between life and death.

When we’ve been put in these extreme situations, we can often feel the intuitive voice, that intuitive sense, that survival instinct within us kicking in.  When we are in our everyday humdrum of life, and we are just going through the motions of a nine to five, or even running a business, with all the pressures to succeed, to create wealth on the material plane, to reach targets, to reach goals. It can be very easy for us to descend into operating through those fears, pressures, stresses and anxieties. And as a result, the voice of our intuition, of survival intelligence goes by the wayside.

You see, unlike any other mechanism, within us, the survival instinct is the quietest and most subtle voice, it is soft, it does not repeat itself. It doesn’t go on in a loop in the way that the mind will. The mind in its process of judgment and comparison will constantly loop back to: “You should have done this, why didn’t you do that? If you only listened you could have…”

You don’t get any of that when we come into the survival awareness or the survival intelligence. It is a soft voice that speaks in the now and then it disappears, it doesn’t come back unless there is another situation in which it needs to speak again.

Build your Awareness

In the world of Human Design or Human Design for Business known as BG5, there are very specific decision-making mechanisms based on your unique design. And depending on what that is, they all operate in different time frames and the splenic or survival intelligence is the most existential. It is in the now. It is not based on past or future, it is right now and then it’s gone.

Now, whether or not you have this particular function defined in your design, whether or not it is your decision-making strategy or not. We all have access to intuition. We all have access to survival intelligence, survival awareness, and intuitive knowing and the now. For some of you, yes, this is the way you are here to make decisions for yourselves. For the rest of us, it is an informing tool, it feeds into the other mechanisms within our design. For some of us, it’s consistent and reliable, it is always on and for others, it’s there sometimes, and it’s not there other times. Sometimes it’s amplified, and other times it feels fairly neutral. Regardless of how it shows up in your design, the truth is that all of us have access to intuition.

In my years before Human Design, I did a lot of investigation and delving into what intuition is. So, when I came to the world of Human Design, and I found out that my decision-making strategy was based on intuition, there was this beautiful synergy. And what I learned in my investigation of intuition is that when you work with very young children, you see this instinctive and intuitive knowing.  It’s quite prevalent, and almost strong. The relationship, the bond between the person and that ancient voice within them, is harmonious. And then what happens as we get older is, we get talked out of, we get trained out of using our intuitive or our Spidey sense. This may be because it’s not cool at the time, or it’s not accepted in the business environment. And so, it gets pushed to the wayside. And as an adult for you to reclaim, reconnect, re-bond with that ancient awareness is a process, a process of developing trust between yourself and that ancient awareness, to be able to have the awareness capacity to be able to hear, listen, investigate, and then follow those intuitive voices, those intuitive hunches, those intuitive knowing’s in the now.

Investigate listen follow

What is your intuition telling you? 

Can you hear it? 

Are you aware of it? 

Or is it something that you’ve denigrated to a back room in your consciousness, and it’s so locked under lock and key that you don’t really access it at all? 

The key to unlocking your intuition is present moment awareness and the ability to listen intently outside the realm of the mind, to be able to hear what your intuition is saying, and not have any judgment from the mental realm about whether or not you should follow or listen to it. The knowing should be so strong that there is no question. There is no need to know mentally or logically why you need to listen or why you should follow or why you should trust it. You just know beyond any mental capacity of knowing.

And when you can get to this place of really honouring your intuition, really tapping into the wisdom of your ancient awareness, your life can take on a very different quality of synchronicity, and ease and flow. Because it’s when we get trapped in the mind guiding our lives, the mind telling us how we should live, and we follow that is when we ultimately feel disconnected. We feel out of alignment, we feel as if we are crashing into obstacles left, right and centre. And we’re wondering why our life is so filled with struggle that has no deeper meaning and purpose. Because we are constantly off track, we actually are not listening and so these things happen to us.

Unlock your intuition

What people will often say about intuition is almost in retrospect, I knew that was going to happen. For example, you are about to do something, and you get this little voice that says “You know what, maybe this isn’t the right time for that”. You ignore that voice. You do it anyway. Perhaps you end up with an injury of some kind. And then immediately as you as you get injured, you go, “I knew that I shouldn’t have gone out, I actually heard that voice telling me, don’t go and I didn’t listen to it”. So here you are now with an injury, what do you do? Well, we can’t go back and rewind and redo. So, all that we can do is accept where we are, surrender to the fact that we now have an injury, and try to build the capacity for awareness for future so that when we hear those voices again, in the future, we listen, and we don’t override and justify. 

It can be so easy to go. “But you know what, I think I’ll be fine. I don’t know why this is coming up. I’m just gonna go anyway. Because if I don’t go today, I’m going to miss out”. Now the mind is full of stories of explaining and justifying why we should or shouldn’t do something.  With intuition, it’s “Don’t go”. And that’s it. There’s no explaining or reasoning around it. And so, one needs to really start to comprehend, investigate and unpack the difference between the realm of the mind and the realm of intuitive knowing and the now.

trust without thinking

For those of us that have our survival intelligence as part of our decision-making strategy. Well, then this is how we make our decisions in life. For those of us where we have a different mechanism, this is this an informing process. This would tune us into that moment in time, what is correct for us from a survival perspective, about how to move forward.

And as we start to tune into our intuition, into our survival intelligence into our knowing and our connection to that, and be alert to it, be aware of it. Trust that ancient awareness within us, can guide us not only to survive, but to ultimately thrive in this world, to really connect to all the things that are correct and healthy for us and get us into a place of living the life that we deserve.

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