In this moment it is very likely that there are hundreds, if not thousands of thoughts streaming into your consciousness.

The majority of these thoughts are not only repetitive, they are also very negative.

Yet most of us continue to pay attention to these thoughts.  We give our energy to the thoughts and we identify with these thoughts.

If we start from the premise that each one of us is an amazingly unique being here for a very specific purpose, and here to bring a true expression of love into the world, then how is it that at some point:

We all believe that there is something WRONG with us?

Each moment that passes from the moment of our birth, we are exposed to trillions of thoughts to which we can pay our attention.  The large majority of these thoughts tell us what we are NOT and our minds process these thoughts as if they are the TRUTH about us.  Our mind loves to solve problems and with each thought that we attach to that is NOT us, it give our minds something to do, something to solve, something to resolve.

This leads to a life time of suffering and pain.

All because of thoughts that we decided at some point to IDENTIFY with.

There is a way to break free of this repetitive cycle of pain and suffering, and it lies in the present moment.

Do you know what present moment awareness is?

In essence it is about bringing all our awareness and attention into the present moment – into our bodies, into our sensory awareness instead of being within our thought stream which is usually looking back at the past, or projecting into the future.

If you asked, most people would agree that they THINK.

But what if you DON’T think, and instead thoughts happen TO YOU?

What if the time difference between when thoughts enter our field of awareness and our reaction to them is so very small that their is the illusion that we are thinking the thoughts, when in fact we a just reacting to thoughts that are happening to us?

The present moment holds within it the most amazing power.

The power to become aware of how amazing you are.  How perfect you are.  It enables us to break free of the never ending stream of thoughts and to instead SEE what we truly are.

To access the present moment, you need to use your senses and become aware of every aspect that makes up the present moment – that lie OUTSIDE of the stream of thoughts.

Take everyday repetitive tasks such as:

  • brushing your teeth
  • eating a meal
  • having a shower
  • cleaning the dishes
  • driving to work

Instead of allowing your mind to wonder into the past, thinking about all the things that you could have or should have done, or into the future, worrying about all the things that you still need to do, or how things will work out.

STOP and just begin to observe what is actually happening NOW.

What are you picking up with your senses in this moment?

  • What does the toothpaste taste like?
  • How does the toothpaste feel inside your mouth?
  • How are your gums and teeth responding to the sensation of the toothbrush running over them?
  • How many times do you chew before swallowing?
  • Is your stomach responding to the food as it makes it way down there?
  • What does the chair underneath you feel like against your body?
  • Can you notice the sensation of the drops of water landing individually on your skin in the shower?
  • Can you smell the soap?
  • What does it feel like as you wash your body?

Bring all your awareness and attention into the NOW, and notice how in this moment there are no problems in your life.  That you are perfect as you are, in this moment.

I see you