Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting

If you have never used Microsoft Teams before it is very similar to using Zoom.  You may need to complete this process about 5-10 minutes before the start of the meeting, as it takes time to download the app, especially if you have a slower internet speed. You can also run through these steps the day before your session – to ensure that you are familiar with the process and don’t waste time trying to download and connect once the session time has already started.

Here are the instructions on the Microsoft Support website for both desktop and mobile users:


Join a meeting in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Support


Join a meeting in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Support

NOTE for MAC Users: If you are using a MAC You will need to download the app, as the browser version is not compatible on MAC’s.  You will also need to give permissions to your camera and microphone inside your settings area, otherwise we wont be able to hear and see one another.


When you receive a Session Booking email:

In the Session BOOKING email that you received, you will see either a link or a button which you need to click on to Join the Teams Meeting.

Click on the link or button in the email, and this will open a web browser.

A web browser will open you you will see 3 options and a pop up.

Choose one of the 3 options:

  1. Download the app
    1. First time using Teams? – please install the APP – especially if you are a Mac user as the browser version is only supported on Windows machines
    2. Click on this option and run though the Teams App installation process.
  2. Continue in the browser (Not recommended for Mac users)
  3. Open your Teams App (use this option if you already have Teams App installed)

Once the Teams APP is installed – go back to the BOOKING email and click on the Teams Meeting button or link again.

If you check the box: “Always allow to open links – you will not have to check this box every time you want to use Teams.

Next click “Open Microsoft Teams”

Microsoft Teams will open, and you will see a window like this.

Check your video and audio settings to ensure that we will be able to see your video and hear you talking.  You may need to select a microphone and speakers (espeically if you are using external cameras or headsets).

Then click JOIN NOW

Once you have clicked JOIN NOW – it will join you into the Team Meeting.  You may need to wait a moment as the presenter lets you into the video session.