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Hi, gorgeous souls, my name is Lynda.

I want to share with you how I learned to get more visible and I hope that some of the things I learned along the way that will assist you in your journey of becoming more visible.

I want to start off with a statement:

I dare you to be you.

I dare you to be you.

YES…  You heard me right

I dare you to be you.

One of the biggest hurdles that I have faced in my journey of being visible is that I was so conscious or self-conscious of how the world was going to perceive me, how is the world going to receive me, who am I going to be to the world.  All these doubts and all these ways of putting myself down came into my thoughts and into my energy.

It made me hide. It put me in a place where I was shrinking back and not stepping up and being me.

I realised that I needed to do something about this and so I spent a lot of time filming myself.  I would replay the videos, and watch myself.  I found myself looking at this person in the video (me) and asking myself: “Who is that person? I don’t know who that is? That person is not the me that I think I am.”  I did not recognise myself.

The person who I think I am was not the person I was watching on the screen.

I continued to practice.  I got to this point where I was able to sit in front of a camera and to just talk to it and just allow the me that was in there to come out to play.  The more playful I got, the livelier I got with my energy, the more I connected into me I became.  I started watching the videos and being able to say: “Wow!  That is me.”  I found myself being amazed and surprised!  I found myself saying: “Wow that is pretty awesome! That is pretty amazing!” Rather than feeling boastful, I recognised that I had begun to allow my light to turn.  My inner light.  I could recognise my light. I was able to watch the videos and say: “That is the me that I have been hiding for so long. That is the me that I want to allow to come out and play.”

The me that you are in is different to me that I am.

The way that you become visible needs to be alignment with you.

It needs to be connected to your energy, to your way of your being.  Otherwise it will never feel authentic.  In addition, on any energy level you will never be able to connect to the people in your tribe in a way that is going to make your heart sing and your soul soar with gloriousness.  In fact, you are more than likely to attract the wrong people if you are not being you.

To get to the place where I could find me in the videos, I created a practice.

This practice is about really connecting into my own energy and learning how my energy feels. What does it feel like when I am aligned to my soul spark, to the divine aspect of me?  What fears, what thoughts, what mindset arise in my space when I try to share that with the world?

This was not something that I figured out overnight.

It took me some time. I needed to sift through and filter through everything that was going on for me.  I needed to be aware and to recognise what was holding me back, what was blocking me and what was preventing me from shining. I would meditate and journal. I would work with what was revealed to me through these practices.  I would learn to release, release and release some more.  Whenever I dedicated time to going within, to discovering, to acknowledging and to releasing, I was able to settle in front of the camera a little bit more comfortably. I was able to take a selfie that I could honestly say I was impressed with.  A selfie that I was truly happy to share with the world.  Then as I began to share these and connect with the wider audience, the more people starting to resonate with me.  Then an amazing thing started to happen. I started to attract the type of clients I wanted to work with.

My take away, my tip for you is…

Take time to get to know you.   The you that sits underneath all the layers, all the conditioning.  The you that is under your story that is holding you back.  Who is the real you what is that aspect of yourself that you really want to share with the world.

How is it that you want to connect with others?

What is the energy connection that you want to make out there in the world with other people? Start focusing on that.  Take time every day in your meditation or your mindfulness practice, or even if you are going for a walk or anything like that and just connect into that energy. Use this practice to help you to feel strong on the inside. Strong enough to start share what you have connected to within you.  Strong enough, that you do not need to be concerned about what other people are thinking or how people respond, because you are connecting to that deeper, true aspect of yourself and so there’s no way that you could be rejected.  It is just simply not possible.  The more you do this and the more you play with it the easier it becomes.  In the beginning I created so many re-takes of videos where I would watch them and say, “Oh my gosh what is this?” And I would click delete, delete, delete, delete.  Even some of the selfies that I took I would look at and wonder how could I make such weird faces!  There was no way I felt comfortable with putting that out there.  Even today, there are many videos and selfies that I delete, ones that I just do not feel comfortable with.

What I am learning, is to embrace me more.

I look at some of the things that I post now and I know that there would have been no way that I would have felt comfortable posting them a year ago.  I would have just felt like there too much judgement, and I realise now that a large portion of that judgement was coming from myself.  I was judging myself harshly. However, the more that I have embraced me, and the more I have allowed myself to come out and play, the more of me wants to come out and play.  It is this gorgeous cycle of allowing- accepting – allowing – accepting – embracing – stepping up – allowing – accepting – embracing and getting into the space where people reach out to you and say “Wow! Thank you for that video, that was really amazing.”

Through all of this you get to a place we can do Facebook lives and people put little hearts up and you get so excited that somebody gave you a heart.

Just take the time to get to know you, and play with that.  Allow your visibility to shine.

You don’t necessarily have to make videos or take selfies but do something where you are able to reflect back and see how you are showing up.

The big Ah-Ah moment for me was…

I thought I was allowing myself to be seen. I thought level I was connecting with people with that part of me on the inside.  But it was only once I watched my videos that I realised that I wasn’t.

I was actually being very guarded and very protective of me.  I was coming across as super serious and that is absolutely not my nature.  I can of course be serious, and there are so many things that I take seriously when I need.  However, my nature is more fun and playful and more childlike and was not seeing any of that in the first videos that I was making.

When I looked at my face in the earlier videos, I almost did not recognise myself.  I have massive smile lines on my face for no reason – because I spent a lot of my life smiling!

I want to be able to share that joy with people and allow people to see that part of me and not feel afraid that something is going to happen to me because I am sharing this divine aspect of myself. The more I connect with my soul the more recognise it this is impossible.

I want to share my gifts.  I want to share who I am as a person and connect energetically to people who are in a similar journey to me.  Where they can help me, and I can help them.  Where we can serve each other. Ultimately, we are all on the same journey. We all want to get to the light to be the light.  However, I can help another person do that by shining my own light, I am going to step up and do that.

I encourage you to take some time and really connect to you.  To all YOU to come out and play and be more visible.

Thank you for listening gorgeous soul