Hi, gorgeous soul.  My name’s Lynda.

Today I want to tell you a little secret that I’ve learned about getting what you want.

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In that statement: “I want to get exactly what I want”. We already have the first clue as to how we are limiting ourselves.

As you learn about mindset, about your story, about how the universe works, about how we received things from the universe.  One of the things you will start recognizing is that when we come up with an idea, when we come up with a goal, when we come up a vision.  Most of the time it’s based on what we already know.  What we’re already connected into.  What we’ve already had some experience wit.  By that very nature it means that we’ve already limited ourselves.  We are creating a vision or a goal for our future based on what we already know and not what is totally possible for us.

How do we get what we want?

The first thing we need to do is to vision what we want.   To set up the dream of it.  To get into a 3-d experience of what it is that we think we want.   I just want to add here, that people often trip themselves up at this point.  The reason for that is that they focus on end goal. On an end product. The create the EXACT thing that they want.  For example, if they were looking for a new house they would create an exact image of the house, with 4 bedrooms, with white paint on the walls, with a swimming pool in front.  They create a vision of exactly how they think they want.

The question I would ask you here is: What happens if there’s something way better out there for you?

Perhaps there is something that is beyond anything you’ve seen before? Beyond anything you have experienced before?  If so, then there is no way that you could ever create a vision for it. It’s not possible for you to actually imagine something that you don’t even know exists.  That you haven’t even imagined is possible.

What I’ve learned along my journey is that it is important to have a loose picture of what it is we want.  If we go back to the example of the 4-bedroom house, we put that vision out there. But, we need to ensure that we are connecting into the energy of how that house would feel and what we will receive from that house energetically.  It’s very possible that there’s a house out there that maybe has three bedrooms plus a spare room which could become your fourth bedroom. This house could have a way better energy signature than any four-bedroom house that you have been looking at. We need to set out what it is we need from this thing that we setting our intention towards, our vision towards, our goal.

Are you wanting to feel safe? Are you wanting to feel light and airy?  Do you want it to feel like home for you – that warm and comforting feeling in your heart and in your body when you have come home? Do want to walk into the space and get the feeling that this is exactly where you want to be?  A space that you want to spend time in? Do you want it to feel relaxing? Do you want it to feel functional?  Do you want to have a home office in your space?  If so, when you are there, do you feel that this space will align to the work you are doing and give your clients the space that they need to receive the work you are doing?

We still get into the picture of having this four-bedroom house but rather than fitting it out with the exact colours and shapes and layout, we are connecting more into the energy of what we need from that space what we would like to feel when we’re in that space.

The next big secret part of how to make it work is…  You need to let go of the how.

This is where most of us get caught up.  We allow our thoughts to wonder into:

  • There is no possible way that I could afford that.
  • I don’t know where I am going to get the money to move.
  • There are all these logistical things that I need to deal with.
  • I’ve got this circumstance going on that’s going to prevent me from getting the thing I want.

We get caught up in this mental drama of all the things that we feel would prevent us from achieving our goal.  We can’t figure out logically in our minds how we’re going to get what we want.

The how is actually not important for you to figure out.

The important part for you is to be focusing on the energy of where you want to go and how you want to feel.  Focus on what this thing will bring into your life energetically.

Spending a certain amount of time every day just sitting in the energy of the thing that you wanting to step into, allows the laws of the universe to bring this or something better into your world. Something that you might not have thought is even possible.  Or something that you might not have even imagined could happen.  If we can let, go of the how.  Stop focusing on the how and just connect into the energy.

Next you need to start becoming aware.  Be aware of all the opportunities that start popping up into your awareness. The universe can’t do everything for us.  It will align to the energy and then it’ll make opportunities available for us to step into.  If an opportunity comes up and we brush it aside or we knock back, then the universe will align to the energy of pushing away rather than allowing.

You need to be visioning, imagining and connecting into the energy of what it is you want.  Then be open and aware of opportunities that come into space. Be willing, ready and able to step up into those opportunities and to embrace them into your heart space, this is when the magical will unfold for you and you will be able to bring into a space those things that you exactly what you want.  Actually, probably better than you thought you wanted in the first-place!

Have a bit of a play with this and see how it works for you. I found this to be extremely beneficial, for me.  As soon as I could let go of that how, and just focus on the energy of something.

The house that I am currently living in is better than anything that I could have possibly imagined.  At the same time, it’s exactly what I wanted.  It took me three years of connecting into the energy of the space and really sitting with what it is I want to feel and be when I get into this home. The moment we walked into this house it took us literally five to ten minutes to know energetically that this is exactly the right house for us.  This is actually exactly what we want it.   If we had focused on what we already knew, what we logically knew we would have missed this house all together.

For example:

  • The area that the house was in, was not on our list of areas to live in.
  • We thought that the location of the house would mean that it would be super noisy.
  • It was way more expensive than we had decided we wanted to spend.

We have all of these objections in our logical minds that would have pointed towards us disregarding this house all together as an option. Based on our logical mind we would have said no to this house. There were so many reasons to say no.  However, when the house popped up into my awareness, I decided to have a look at the house, and just feel the energy of the space.  The moment we walked through the door, the energy of the place was palpable.

We absolutely adore living here and it has continued to reveal itself as being better than anything we could have possibly imagined.

Focus on the energy the let go of how.

Thank you for your time today gorgeous soul.

Thank you for listening.