If you have spent any time in the online world then you will quickly see that people often market the products they are selling by telling you how much money they make.

Facebook posts are littered with claims to $20k months or the like.

What I have noticed in my online journey is that these types of posts send people into a panic of unworthiness. They look at where they are at in their lives and where they think they should be and the gap between the two causes them huge anguish.

They begin to believe that they need whatever the other person is selling and jump into an pressured decision to buy now.

The interesting thing that over time, as I have learnt more about certain individuals, somethings from below the surface begin to be revealed. So often these claims of how much money people have made is often a mask to hide other areas in their lives which are lacking.  They use this ploy to try to get you to believe that they have a truly abundant life.  That they have found the magical secret to success and that if you follow what they have done you can do it to.  Yet this could not be further from the truth.

I know that my definition of abundance goes way beyond the amount of money that I have.

To me abundance to be true abundance spans into every area of my life. It reaches into the heart of my relationships, into the fabulous time I get to spend doing the things I love, into making my heart soar because I am living out what makes my heart sing, and into creating a life that feels full, rich, exciting, adventurous and down right amazing.

The pattern that I have seen emerging is that people focus WAY to much on MONEY.

For me, I would much rather have an amazing life and become a millionaire by accident, than focus on becoming a millionaire and hate my life.  There are endless examples of people that have money but hate their lives. Of people who have money and are just not very nice to be around.

Now let me be clear, I LOVE money!

I have a SUPER HEALTHY relationship with money and this is really important.  In order to have abundance in anything in your life, you need to have a healthy relationship with it.

Before I even started my teaching degree I knew that I would have my own school one day.  I wanted to start something that was amazing.  Something that provided a safe, nurturing and fun environment for kids to spend their days.  I aimed for excellence.  I wanted to be in a place that I loved to be in everyday, so that I never felt as if I was working.  I wanted to create something that drew people to it, a place that felt like a home away from home.  Yes, I wanted to make money.  Money to pay my staff better wages then they could earn any where else.  Money to buy the best toys and equipment so we could deliver a world class education. Money to live a good life with.

But I never, ever wanted to be a millionaire.

In fact, the only role models of millionaires out there in the world we not people that I EVER wanted to be like.  I actually associated being a millionaire as a negative thing – something that I never wanted to be.

I had the goal of starting my school in the background for a few years and then in 1999 I received the invitation I had been waiting for.

In 2000 I opened my school with one child.  Yip ONE child.

I remember being over the moon to have one child and I showed up everyday and did all that I could to provide the best possible education, fun and loving environment that I could. One child turned into two and then three and then four and the school slowly began to grow.

By 2008 I had purchased my own property, built a custom designed school and had 90 children, 5 classrooms, and 11 staff members.

I focused on doing what I love, having fun, enjoying my life, connecting deeply to my heart, serving and sharing with integrity and the money just flowed in.

At the age of 32 I realised that I had become a millionaire by accident.

I definitely didn’t set the goal to do so, I never even wanted to become one, yet by focusing on my passions, on what I truly loved to do, the most amazing abundance had come into my life.  My life was abundant way beyond just how much money I had made. I had created this amazing space to which so many gorgeous souls would come to everyday to be loved, to be nurtured, to be guided.

I was invited, I was recognised and I was guiding people to be the best version of themselves. I see now from a Human Design perspective that not only did I enter into this correctly, but I was living absolutely to my design.

I was doing what I was put here on the earth to do.

I share this story with you, not to make you feel like I have some get rich quick scheme, but to let you know that when you follow your heart, when you do what you love, the universe has some amazing magic to bring to your life.

Know deeply what you love to do, and go do that more!

I see you!