Our society is so focused on go, go, go, push, push, push.
We are so goal orientated, so goal focused.
We run from one thing to the next.

We forget to hit PAUSE.

When last did you take a real PAUSE?

It is in the pauses that some of our greatest realisations come.
When we pause we allow our energy to recharge.
The pauses are just as important as those times when we go-go-go.

Yet many of us have learned to always go and never really stop.

People wonder why their intuition is blocked, why they are unable to move forward in the way they would like.

When we let go we make room for new energy to flow into our lives.

In the past real pauses used to freak me out – they felt unproductive and as if somehow I was wasting my time. I was continually going from one thing to the next, grasping at doing as a way to get myself to believe that “At least I was doing something”.

I always intended to take real pauses, yet they were very often some future event that I would either never get to, or if I did, I felt that I needed to really justify the pause.  Even worse, I would often feel guilty for taking the pause.

Hitting pause is IMPORTANT.

When we hit pause we stop long enough to.
– notice how far we have come
– notice what we have achieved.
– celebrate what we have done.
– to smell the flowers.
– enjoy life at a slower and more relaxed pace.
– recharge and replenish our energy

From this place we begin to FEEL our own energy.
We begin to CONNECT deeper to ourselves.
Our CREATIVITY naturally starts to flow
We begin to hear our inner WISDOM.

If your vacations consist of you rushing from one thing to the next, then this isn’t really hitting pause either.  To have a real pause you really need to stop. The pause is the whole point.  There should be no doing, no wanted to be somewhere else, no sense that you are wasting your time.  Instead there should be a depth of settling in, allowing and really enjoying the pause.

Recently, I learned the true value of a good pause and what flowed into my life after this pause was something that I had dreamed about for years – and when I stopped to do nothing is when it appeared in my life.  True pauses can very often be exactly what we need and perhaps a true pause is the answer that you have been seeking.

Where in your life can you STOP. Where can you hit the PAUSE button. Where can you find time for SOLITUDE?

For it is in these times and these moments that we connect most deeply to our intuitive wisdom.

I see you