Heart Wisdom Academy

9 week program

Explore your connection with your Intuitive Wisdom.

Learn to use your intuitive wisdom to guide your life, to make clear and connected decisions and to bring you into alignment with your soul.

Connect deeper & find clarity

Explore your connection with your heart wisdom.

What is included in the Heart Wisdom Academy

Over 9 weeks we will explore your connection to your heart space and how to trust the intuitive guidance you receive.  The 9 week program includes 5 live calls and recorded videos and practical expercises and practices.

create space to Receive messages

Make space and learn to tune into the messages around you.

Feel energy

Feel energy and work with your energy and the around you.

find answers

Tap into the wisdom of your body, find the answers and clarity you are seeking.

Access your Intuition

Access your intuitive gifts, practice using and connecting into your intuitive wisdom.

from the head to the heart

Make the journey from your head to your heart.

Clarity to make decisions

Gain clarity and make decisions from your heart wisdom.

Create your practice

Establish a practice that works for you and creates connection to your heart.

Find your light

Know your light, find your light and shine your light.

Create awareness

Expand your awareness so that you can shift into the life you desire.

Hello Gorgeous Soul, I am Lynda Gaiao

Human Design Guide, Psychic Healer, Intuitive Coach & Business Mentor


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