So many people can spend what feels like their entire lives searching for their purpose.

This search can be exhausting and depressing.

The search consumes time, money and most importantly energy, with so many coming up with more question than answers.

The spiritual marketplace is littered with endless “ways” to find your purpose. I know because I have tried many of them.

Yet the answer to the question: What is my purpose is a lot simpler than I could every have imagined.

When we look at a snowflake we see its beauty, we see its perfection, we learn that no two snowflakes are ever alike. Each one formed perfectly. As we gaze upon a snow flake, our hearts open up, they feel expansive knowing that there is so much perfection, so much beauty and so much room in this world for amazing uniqueness.

Yet, when most of us look at ourselves in the mirror instead of seeing perfection we launch into judgement. If we had to record the barrage of thoughts running through our minds, they would not be telling us any story of uniqueness or beauty and definitely not of perfection. Where does this endless judgement come from? Where does this endless self-destroying behaviour come from?  How do we get to this place where we do not even recognise who we are – who we truly are?

Conditioning is one of the biggest culprits.  We enter into the conditioning field the moment we are born, and every day, in every interaction, in every situation we have the potential to take in conditioning. In and of itself, the conditioning is not actually that harmful – it is what we do with it that creates the distorted lens through which we begin to view ourselves.

When we look at ourselves through this distorted lens – we begin to believe that we need to FIND our purpose.  We begin searching in the world around us hoping to find it out there somewhere. We sign up to study course after course, we ask other people to help us find it. And for so many the results of the search are more emptiness, deeper loneliness, and sometimes even depression.

What if I told you that you cannot search for your purpose?

Would this spark fear and possibly even anger in you? Would you begin to wonder – well if I can’t search for it, how will I ever find it?

In this video, I help to answer this question, and give you simple steps on how to connect deeply with your purpose.


Your life reveals your purpose.

Ra Uru Hu said it like this:

You cannot fulfill your purpose other than as yourself. There is no purpose for you in this life if you cannot live as yourself.

When you live as yourself your purpose unfolds because your purpose is you.

It’s not something you have to find. 

It’s your life. Your life reveals your purpose. 

Everything is here. It all comes to you. It is perfect. 

Your live out your nature as yourself and you eliminate resistance in life. 

All the energy you needed to deal with the resistance is now available for you to live your purpose. 

Your life reveals your purpose.

You are a perfect, beautiful and amazingly unique being.

I absolutely love this work and how Human Design is such an amazing tool to guide others to truly SEE THEMSELVES, and LIVE as they have been DESIGNED to LIVE.

If you would like to explore your Human Design, then book an Understanding Your Human Design Session.





Connecting you to your soul power, to your inner guidance, so that you can make decisions that are CORRECT for you and live the life you are DESIGNED to live.