We spend most of our lives feeding our minds, yet so many forget to feed their soul.

It isn’t really about an either or, it is about balance.

When our mind and soul are in harmony a gorgeous rhythm is felt.

It was only when I reached the depths of depression that I realised the massive impact of allowing the mind to run free and wild, thinking that it was control.  When we place our minds in the position of authority over our lives, without consulting our soul, they can run off in the most bizarre and devastating directions.

Our minds are extremely valuable and useful tools, yet they should not be elevated to the status of dictator, as is the case in the lives of so many people. In this position the mind conjures up the most unhealthy and distorted versions of reality, and then proceeds to instruct us to live this way.

The mind of man in this instance has gone mad. Yet so many blindly follow.

I spent years focused on my mind, allowing my mind to rule and left my soul to wither away. The effects of that were pretty devastating in my life. The depths of sadness that one can reach can feel crushing. The glimmer of the life you deserve to live begins to fade away. In its place it leaves a twisted, gnarled and contorted version.

Each one of us has this voice within our minds that is barking orders, stringing out judgments, skewing perspectives and when we submit to this voice the chaos in our lives ultimately becomes evident.

The mind as the decision making tool for the directions of our lives is a dangerous weapon.

How then, do we tame this out of control dictator, and find a way to use the mind for the purpose for which it was intended?

  • You learn to watch the mind.
  • You learn to become the observer of the mind, of its judgments and distortions, of its addictions and attachments.
  • You learn detachment from the endless stream of thoughts that run wild through the landscape of the mind.
  • You become the witness.

As the observer, the witness, the passenger, you have detachment, and can choose when and if you pull something from the stream of mind or not.

  • You begin to focus on the soul, on creating awareness and space from the mind.
  • You begin to hear, feel and see, the calling of the soul.
  • You begin to notice and to honour the path of your soul.
  • You connect into the intelligence of your body, and act, and move from this intelligent decision maker.

From this place the resistance and struggle of life does not disappear, but your attachment to it does.  Without attachment there is freedom, there is peace.

By taking the time each day to begin to feed my soul, I was able to climb out of the depth of misery.

For most of us we have spent years and years honoring and elevating the status of the mind. To return the mind to it’s place of use and service, we need to open ourselves to a new way of being in the world.  One in which we marvel at the soul and allow our souls to guide and direct our lives.

Take time each day to nourish your soul – YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I see you