We come to this earth to have an experience. We enter into a training of sorts. We begin adding to and learning about and compiling a large library of novels that contain stories around:

• “who we are”,
• “what we are”,
• “who others are”,
• “how the world works”

While some of the novels in this library may be useful, a large portion of its contents are what is standing in the way of us just being us. It is what blocks us from our truth, it is what gets in the way of us seeing THE truth.

If we see that our primary training is in fact to strip away, not to add to, we can begin letting go of all the things that are blocking us from accessing the truth. When we strip away, we get to access our deepest and innermost harmony.


There is no need to add to it in anyway. In fact, whatever is added through the journey of life ultimately becomes a filter which hides our truth. The more we add, the less we see of who we are at our CORE.

Some of the novels in our library are SO convincing, and so juicy, that we may struggle to see why we need to let them go. We may cling on to these stories, afraid that if we let them go, we will lose a part of who we are. Afraid that we may not like what we see, or that we will be left alone.

When you step into your CORE ESSENCE, you will clearly see that it is impossible to take any part of you away or for you to lose any aspect of your TRUTH. You will step into harmony, balance, connection, oneness, and beauty.

The training that we need to undertake to strip away can be a long and challenging one, for we all have trauma, pain and fear embedded in our cellular makeup. Coming face to face with these things can be confronting and it is easy to see why so many hide away, afraid to fully face these “horrors”.

Releasing and letting go, however, are the only tools we have, to strip away all that is in the way of us living a life of connection, balance, and harmony.

At your CORE you are ONENESS. You are love, you are light, you are absolutely freaking amazing!

Every step you take towards anchoring your KNOWING into this, is a step worth taking.

There are many tools and techniques to assist us to strip away and whichever ones we decide to use, we need to ensure that they start from the premise that.


Accessing the present moment is our greatest tool for awareness of what is happening on a subconscious level. The novels contained in our library are often so deeply stored in our subconscious that we do not even know that they are operating on auto pilot. Therefore, we need to find ways to snap us into the present moment in as many moments as are possible in our day to day lives.

Tools that you use for 5 minutes a day here and there are going to be less effective than ones that you are practicing throughout your day.

We need to consider that the novels in our library can often play like broken records, and unless we are able to switch the record to something that aligns us to our TRUTH, then we will continue to default back to the broken record.

The moment we can toss the broken record away, we delete one of the novels from our library, and in its place, we find a SPACIOUSNESS.

This spaciousness continues to offer us opportunities to connect with OUR TRUTH.

Having worked with many tools on my journey back to ONENESS, I know that Human Design is one that truly connects you to your TRUTH in as many moments as possible during your day.

  • Imagine feeling a WHOLENESS in yourself throughout your day.
  • Imagine feeling PERFECT just the way you are.
  • Imagine KNOWING to your core that you have gifts and talents that are EXACTLY what is needed at this time.
  • Imagine a life with FLOW, BALANCE and HARMONY.
  • Imagine a life full of SATISFACTION, SUCCESS, PEACE and SURPRISE.

No matter where you are on your journey, I am almost certain that you have already tasted the experience of this in moments along the way. While I appreciate that we may never be able to live in ONENESS 100% of the time while we are embodied in human form, we can still access it more than we do not.

Unlocking the doors to our past trauma hurts and pain is challenging, however it is the only way for us to truly let go of what is keeping us trapped and holding us out of alignment.

To step into HARMONY all you need to do is let go…

Human Design and BG5 - Business Human Design brings awareness into your life. It helps you sift through what you are holding onto - your shadow - and enables you to let go.

With the letting go comes the ability to embrace the truth of who you are with wide open arms.

As a guide I can help you on this journey. I can guide you to know and trust yourself.

If you are would like to explore whether Human Design or BG5 are for you, then please book in a strategy session and we can invesitage how to move you from where you are to living aligned with success.

Aliging you to success.





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