When we are faced with a crisis such as the one we are currently facing with the Corona Virus, we often need to step back and look at the bigger picture.  It can be so easy to get lost in all the media hype and the 1000’s of opinions flying around out there. 

In my last blog: The most important person you can trust, I shared some information about the changing times and how we are moving into an era where we shift from placing our trust in large organisations, corporate’s, government, the medical system etc, (essentially outside ourselves), and move towards an era where we are required to trust OURSELVES.  This is part of that bigger picture.

Leading on from this and looking at how the Corona Virus has forced social distancing on us, I wanted to shed some light on how this can be used to our advantage, and that it can in fact assist you in moving towards learning how to trust yourself and finding your Super Power.

Human Design clearly shares with us what our decision making authority is – the part of us that knows the way even if our minds are telling us something different – this is the part we need to trust if we are to be guided along the path that is most healthy and correct for us. 

You have a SUPER POWER, but like most of us are probably not 100% certain of what it is. 

A Human Design chart shows us just how unique each one of us are. It gives you the opportunity to see how you are designed, what your unique gifts and talents are and what you are here to be and do in this life.

Everything that is unique to you is contained within your Aura – a 12ft energetic bubble that surrounds you.

    Yet, we are faced with a conundrum here. Each time we are within the aura boundary of another human, we are picking up on, and potentially amplifying the energy of the other being.

    Our lives are so busy, and so intersected with other human beings that we very seldom get time to just sit within our own energy field and connect to our own unique life force energy.

    Disconnecting and de-conditioning from the influences of the Aura’s of other is essential for us to anchor into our own life force.  As we learn to connect to our life force energy in a consistent and reliable way, we unlock our Super Powers.

    How social distancing can help you connect to your SUPER POWER.

    When you take a look at the social distancing restrictions that have been placed on us as a result of the Corona Virus, you will see that:

    • We are required to keep a minimum distance of 1.5m between people.
    • No handshaking, touching, hugging. 
    • No large group meetings.
    • Many public places have been closed down where we would usually meet or go to in which we would consistently be intersecting with the Aura’s of others.
    • Working from home rather than going into the office – giving us more time to ourselves rather than needing to commute and limiting the auric energy of others that we come into contact with.

    All of these are the optimum conditions for us to be able to be in our own Aura’s! In addition we have more time up our sleeves to practice feeling into and connecting with our own life force energy.

    What is your Super Power? 

    To really understand what your Super Power is, you need to start by tuning in and letting go. In Human Design when we follow our strategy and authority we begin to connect to people, places and experiences that are correct for us.  In addition we need time alone.  Time to know what our life force energy feels like when no one else is around. 

    Once you have had a Human Design Session, you begin to unravel all your gifts and talents, as well as the shadows and distractions that have been blocking you from accessing your unique potential. You learn what Aura type you have and how the energy of this Aura works. You can then begin to notice, and become aware of how all the mechanics in your design operate. 

    Each time you are able to trust your decision making strategy and let go of the things that were keeping you out of alignment, you begin to recognise and see how amazing you truly are. 

    Your Super Power is and has always been with you. It is just a matter of learning to see and feel it again.

    So while we are in this time of chaos, use the opportunity given to us by social distancing and isolation to hone into your uniqueness, to uncover your life force energy.

    Human Design has really assisted me unravelling the truth of who I am.  It has helped me to see my shadow and to let go of all the things that have been holding me back from embracing my true potential and unique life force energy.

    Delving into understanding your Human Design is a great way for you to do the same.

    Do you want to come on the Human Design Journey?

    As a guide I can help you to dive into your Human Design journey. learning to see your unique life force energy and to live the life you were designed to live.

    These are some ways to start and to continue on your Human Design Journey: