For a while now, I have been suffering with pain in my neck and shoulders and despite all the healing techniques I know I have been struggling to shift this. Over a weekend at the end of July,  I had the most amazing experience where a deep knowing came to me. I spent hours just repeating this knowing within me until I felt and owned it deep within ever cell of my body. I have been immersing myself deeper and deeper into living my Human Design and as a Projector, I am here to see and to guide others.

I finally recognised that I have SEEN my entire life.

I SEE where others need guidance. I SEE how to bring correction in their lives. I SEE the patterns that are not working and I SEE how to change and correct these. Yet, I realised that for most of my life, I had created a distortion with my mind. Where I had distorted this seeing is in THINKING that I had to DO something about this.

I am not here to DO ANYTHING

I am here to SEE

When and if I am INVITED to share what I SEE then I can gladly do this and what I SEE can bring CORRECTION and GUIDANCE for others. Yet I do not need to FIX anything. I am here to just SEE. As pain arose, I became the witness, the observer. “I do not need to do anything, I just need to see.” and the pain would leave. Over and over I repeated this process, and the pain would leave every time.

I recognise that the conditioning response to what I SEE is to take on the pain, and try to FIX it within myself.

Each time I have allowed my mind to take control and to create the distortion, I have taken on the pain of others.  I hold it, I carry it, I try to resolve it within me. It lingers in my cells for months and months. My MIND has been creating RESISTANCE in my being, in my body and the PAIN of carrying this can sometimes be unbearable. Yet on this weekend at the end of July, I finally began to SEE, that all I need to do is to be the witness, to be the observer.  Even if I know how to change the pattern and bring correction for someone else, I do not need to DO anything about it, unless they TRULY and DEEPLY SEE me and want to HEAR what I have to say. As I begin to just SEE, to be the observer and the witness and to let go of any need to do – people have started to come to me – asking me to SHARE what I SEE. I am loving the process of my Human Design Experiment and how when I test for myself the resistance that I have been experiencing begins to drop away. If you would like to learn more about your Human Design, then you may want to book an UNDERSTANDING YOUR HUMAN DESIGN SESSION. I SEE YOU Lynda Gaiao
Connecting you to your soul power, to your inner guidance, so that you can make decisions that are CORRECT for you and live the life you are DESIGNED to live.