Everything around us is energy.

Some of that energy does not serve us. In fact some of that energy is really heavy and draining.

We have all experienced an ‘energy drain’ at some point. This may occur when we are around certain people, when we go to certain places and when we eat certain foods.

While we are in this state of ‘energy drain’ we become confused, frustrated and can feel as if we are on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

The more conscious and aware we are of our own energy and how the things, people and places around us affect our energy the more we can do to balance and align our own energy and vibration levels.

Why is this important?

When our energy is heavy or drained. When we are out of alignment it is really difficult for us to connect to our inner wisdom.

Each of us has a unique, divine light to shine into this world and only when we can maintain a high energy vibration can we connect to and live from this magical and authentic space.

The more in tune we are with our own energy, the more we are able to notice when our energy has shifted into a vibration that really does not serve us the quicker we can return to an energy level that is aligned and deeply connected to our heart space.

If we have relationships in our lives that pull us down then we need to do something about this. Either finding some way of balancing the energy or limiting our contact time with these people.

In each moment we have a choice about what we expose our energy to and where we allow our energy to go to.

Finding things that truly light us up and lift our energy and then consciously bringing those into our space each day will change your life. It will begin to align you more and more to your soul’s purpose.

Watch my video blog…

Here I explain more about how this works.

Visualisation / Meditation Exercise

Now watch the visualisation / meditation exercise where I share with you two exercises to help you feel your own energy and begin feeling how your energy flows through you and around you.

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to connecting with you soon.






Lynda Gaiao

Connecting you to your Heart & Soul