There are very few humans in today’s world that are completely isolated, completely disconnected from contact with any other human beings.  For most of us daily contact and connection with other human beings and relationships of all shapes and forms are part of our everyday lives.

At the core of each of these connections and relationships is an exchange of energy.

With every conversation you have ever had, there is some form of energy exchange. Some of the exchanges are light and subtle, sometimes almost unnoticeable, while others are deep, lasting and almost impossible to forget.

The more frequently we connect to another human being, the stronger the energy exchange becomes between us.

In my work as a psychic healer, I have been able to view and connect to these exchanges of energy between people.  I see them visually and I feel the emotion and intensity of them.

Some of the energy exchanges are so beautiful.  As I feel into them, there is this sudden urge to take a deep breath, and as I do that, I feel this amazing interaction of energy between one being and another.  It feels like love and sunshine and joy filling my heart as I breath in.  As I release my breath, there is this sense of peace and alignment.  The words “All is well” play through my mind.  The exchange of energy between these beings are healthy and uplifting.  It feels nourishing and supportive. Each being is receiving what they need and giving what they freely wish to give.  It is a harmonious energy exchange.

If you had to ask someone who is experiencing a harmonious energy exchange how they feel, they would use words such as:  I feel alive, I feel full of energy, I feel like I can take on the world.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are clients who come to see me, who describe how they are feeling as: I feel exhausted.  My energy is really low.  I don’t feel like I can do anything productive at the moment.

As I connect into their relationships, what I find is an unhealthy energy exchange. One side is consistently giving and giving until they feel depleted.  Or one side is over bearing and their energy overwhelms and diminishes the other.  There is this feeling of entanglement of energy, where one energy feels lost within the other’s.  Each of these forms of energy exchange eventually leave both sides feeling dissatisfied, hurt, feeling taken advantage of. The energy exchange is unhealthy for both sides.

In working with clients to ensure that they have harmonious energy exchanges, I soon realised that each person needed to feel their own energy as a separate entity before they could exchange energy harmoniously.

Where do you end and others begin?

If your energy is entangled with another and you have no idea where your energy ends and theirs begins, chances are that the energy exchange between the two of you will eventually become unhealthy.

One way to start becoming aware of your own energy is to start understanding what it means to shine your inner light.   I often describe an individual’s energy, as a flame.  Your inner flame, or your divine spark.  This is your inner light, the light that you are destined to shine into this world.

If your energy is low and you are feeling depleted, chances are that your inner flame, your inner light has been all but extinguished.

Being able to tune into your energy, to your inner light and sense into how brightly it is shining is something all of us can do.  There is this awareness of what makes us unique, what fills us up from the inside.  What connects us to our heart on a deep level.

When your light is shining brightly and we are coming from a heart space we feel full.  We feel alive. We feel beautiful.  We feel empowered.  We feel so sparkly!

When you connect to this inner flame and shine it brightly, you will attract to you others who do the same.  Entering into a relationship where both flames are strong and shining beautifully, allows us to exchange energy in a playful and supporting way.  We share, we give, we receive.  We feel complemented by the other persons energy rather than dependent on it.  We are able to match one another through all the ebbs and flows, highs and lows.  The energy exchange feels balanced.  It feels beautifully harmonious.

No one can shine our light for us.  No one can bring into this world our own unique inner spark.  This our responsibility, our journey, our gift.  Taking time to do your inner work will lead you to this inner flame.  It will ensure that you shine it brightly and in so doing, allow others to do the same.

With every breath that we take, we have the opportunity to be aware and to connect into our own unique energy.  To feel it glowing from within.  What choice will you make with your next breath?

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Sending love and light