Welcome gorgeous souls, my name is Lynda Gaiao.  I’m a psychic healer and soulful business coach.

This is a four-part series in which I’ve been chatting about energy practices that are here to rejuvenate, to restore and bring gorgeous abundance into our lives. In today’s episode I’m going to be chatting about energy alignment.

As a healer, as someone who is here to teach, to inspire and to lift, it is so important for you to be very clear and understand where your energy is. Where your energy is and where another person’s energy is. When we work with other people. When we have relationships with people. Every type of exchange between one human and another involves energy and energy exchange.  Those energy exchanges can be extremely rewarding, extremely healthy or they can be very detrimental and extremely unhealthy.

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Do you know your own energy?

As a healer or teacher and light worker – anyone in this healing and uplifting space, you need to know and understand your energy.  You should be spending time daily, feeling into your energy. Knowing and being in alignment with that energy each day.  You cannot serve others if you do not know your own energy.  Knowing your own energy is crucial in ensuring that your energy remains rejuvenated, uplifted and restored.

Energy exchange

As we do our work and we connect into another’s energy.  We start talking to them, exchanging with them.  Our energies become connected in some form or another. Very often those connections can last past our face-to-face connections or online connections. In some circumstances they can last for years and years, depending on the depth of the relationship, the lesson involved in the connection of the energy, as well as the exchange of that energy.

When looking into energy exchange, or energy entanglement, many people are unaware that it is even happening to them. The only way for you to understand that this is occurring is for you to be very clear of where your energy begins and where another person’s energy begins. Where is that ending and beginning point between your energy and another person energy?

Getting to know your own energy

Having a daily practice that connects you into your energy, allows you to feel into your own energy to sense into your own energy. You learn to know where the energy is, how it feels, how it manifests in this world. From this you begin to identify where your energy and another person’s energy are connecting, or touching, or bumping into one another.

If you have very clear boundaries, which is what we chatted about in episode three of this series, you can be very clear about what you allow into your space and what you do not.

How do we get to know our own energy? How do we get to know our own soul flame?

  • We meditate.
  • We go within.
  • We set intentions to become aware.
  • We set intentions to go deeper within ourselves.
  • To feel, to notice.
  • We sit with that energy.

How brightly does your inner flame shine?

Very often when I connect to people I notice that their inner energy flame has become a tiny little flame.  It is small and deep within them. I don’t believe that yourself inner flame can ever be extinguished. When we are in relationships with people where we have these unhealthy energy exchanges, when we are in environments that are unhealthy for us, when we don’t practice self-care, when we don’t have boundaries, what happens is that all this energy from around us starts to bombard us.  The result is that our own flame energy reduces and gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

When someone’s energies flame is small, is when they feel disconnected from themselves. They no longer have energy alignment.  They will start to say things like:

  • I am unclear about when need to go.
  • I don’t know what my life purpose is.
  • I’m uncertain about things.
  • I don’t know how to make decisions.

This is because everyone else’s energy is in your space and your own flame is minimalistic in that bigger-picture. Your own inner flame is not standing up strong and proud and guiding the way.  It is hiding in the shadows.

Having a daily practice where you connect into that energy.  Where you feel into it.  Where you grow it, and allow it to expand.  Where you expand it to take up your entire physical being, your entire energetic being, your aura and beyond you. This is when you can step into your day, into your life and into a business with this strength, with this in the knowing, this inner purpose, because you feel connected to your soul. Your energy is aligned.

Why connect to your inner flame?

The more I connect to my own inner flame, to my soul energy, the more I feel as if I’ve connected into the deep aspect of myself that knows:

  • which direction to take
  • which decision to make.
  • what is most serving for me and the work that I’m doing.

I consult that aspect of me. I take time each day to connect to it, to speak to it, to learn more about how it speaks to me, to understand the way that it communicates with me.  To know the language, it speaks to me in.

The more awareness I have of that, the more connection I have to it, the more I find how amazing my life both within me and in the external world around me becomes.

  • I start to see synchronicity in my life.
  • There is divine guidance that just seems to come into my space.
  • Little earth angels pop into my world, encouraging me and help to shine the light onto my path when I’m feeling a bit doubtful.

This practice of continuously connecting in to your inner soul flame is so amazing.  It really brings forth a magical life for you.

Soul Flame Meditation

What I would like to do today is to share with you a summarized or shorter version of a soul connection meditation which you can practice daily. (Please watch the video to see the meditation.) It will allow you to feel into soul flame energy.  The basis for this practice is around understanding that I am one with everything.  Everything is me and I am everything. I am connected to the life force energy of everything in my space.  All the material things around me, all the physical, all the nonphysical.

When I recognize this divide aspect within me and within all of the beings and all other things around me I am able to find this space where I can allow it to not be a hidden aspect with in me but to really expand and connect into deeply.

Thank you for your time gorgeous souls. I trust that you’ve enjoyed this series on connecting you to energy practices that bring rejuvenation, restoring, refilling energy.  Aligning you to the abundance that you are, and bringing abundance into your soulful business.

Have a gorgeous and magical day.