There is an old expression:

“Knowledge is Power”

Yet, what I have experienced over the past few years, is that knowledge has the potential to completely take our power away.

If you think about how we obtain knowledge, you will quickly begin to realise that we are relying on others to tell us how the world is, how it works, and all too often who we are.

The knowledge we obtain is biased. And very often it is just someone else’s opinion, packaged and sold as fact. It does not represent the truth.

There was a time in my life where I sought out scientific evidence, believing that it could provide me with some truth.  Then when I studied my Master’s degree, I soon realised that nearly all scientific endeavors are biased. The researchers conducting the research often start their research wanting to prove something, or they are limited by the funding that they receive which nudges the research in a specific direction.  So rather than experimenting to see what “truth” exists, the research is biased in one direction or another.

Within education, religion and cultural knowledge, we soon see that they are filled with bias, after bias, after bias. Each community, each country, each religion, each cultural group feels as if the way they see the world is how the world is.  They will devote their lives to ensuring that “their way”, “their knowledge” is passed onto the next person.

I recognise that this is not all bad, and that within this exist wonderful discoveries, and amazing knowledge.

Yet I also recognise that all to often this knowledge is what keeps people small, trapped, boxed in, at war, in conflict and ultimately limited.

Where then do we go to find truth?

There is a knowledge, a knowing, a truth that runs deep within each one of us.

It is not something that another can teach you, nor is it something that you can read in a book.  This knowledge can only be gained through the experience of living your truth.  your truth is no one else’s truth.  It is your truth and your truth alone. It is completely unique.

To be a part of the emerging spirit consciousness, you need to connect to and live this truth.

If you live your day to day life lost in your thoughts, and operating from an unconscious space, controlled by your conditioning, controlled by the knowledge / the “truth” of others, then you are not a part of the emerging spirit consciousness.  Instead you are trapped in a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of being that is not yours.  

It is so easy to get lost, to remain in the illusion, and to not even realise that you are trapped.

You may find though, that there is this constant tugging, this constant niggling within your heart and soul.  A yearning for something greater than the life you are living, than the world you are surrounded by. A longing to be reconnected to the ultimate truth.  

I have seen so many get lost in this search, looking in all the wrong places.

When we have had our power taken away by the knowledge that we have been surrounded by, then this is all we know. Yet deep within us there is a longing. A longing for something different.  Without knowing what that is, most people try to fill this longing with things. Material things.  We think that if we just get that new car, that new house, that new relationship, that next holiday, will be able to find what we are looking for. If only we just follow the next guru who will tell us what to do. Unfortunately, this only leads to more longing, pain and suffering. What you are looking for cannot be found out there, nor can it be found with anything else being added to your life.

It is only when we begin to let go of the “knowledge” or the “truth” that we have acquired from others and the world around us about who we are, that we are able to find out what our TRUTH is.

The emerging spirit consciousness is changing the world.

The only way to truly change the world we live in, is by connecting to your unique frequency and living from this place.  When you stand in your TRUTH, your POWER and emit your unique frequency cleanly, you are living your purpose.

You living your purpose is what will change the world.

Each time you are able to live in this moment, and to see what is not you versus what is your TRUTH, can you reclaim some of your power. Then your spirit consciousness begins to emerge.

  • You need to be all that you can be.
  • The people around you need you to be all you can be.
  • The world needs you to be all you can be.

You are on this journey called life.  You can live it in pain and suffering, surrounded by knowledge sold as truth, or you can learn to let go of all that is not correct nor healthy for you, and reclaim your power and stand in your truth! 

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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