Have you ever watched happy and healthy children at play?


In my years of teaching children aged 2 – 6 years of age, I loved watching the purposefulness of their play.  The strength of their souls.  The conviction with which they made their choices. The sureness they had of themselves about what direction they wanted to go in.


Even within this age range it was interesting to notice that as they started reaching 6 years of age, some of their sureness was starting to fade.  It was as if the world around them was starting to rub off on them in a way that was beginning to make them doubt themselves.


If we are lucky, we make it from childhood into adulthood with some of this sureness intact.  For most of us though there is this thing that somehow creeps into our lives, into our thought processes.  It’s called doubt.  Doubt starts appearing in when something you decided on didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would.  Doubt finds it way in when other people around you end up better off than you because of the decisions that they made.  Doubt wiggles it way in when somehow others convince you that they have a better idea or plan than your own. Before long you are left unsure.  Unsure about your own decisions.  Unsure whether you can trust yourself or not.


This is where most of us start seeking answers not from within us, but from the world and people outside of us.


I don’t for one minute think that what others have to offer does not have value.  In fact, I think that collaboration between people is where some of the biggest breakthroughs in thinking and creation come into life.  What we have lost though, is the ability to go within and to find a depth of wisdom.  To connect to our intuition and our ability to know with certainty what is for our highest good.  To be able to trust ourselves implicitly and have a loving strength that guides us through our lives.


I have been on a seeking path for more than half my life.  I would go through stages of following this teacher and then the next.  A few years ago, I was desperately unhappy and was seeking answers everywhere around me.  While some people did help me to see things in new ways, none of them could provide me with the depth I was looking for.


This is when someone suggested to me – why don’t you follow the path of a psychic.  I scoffed at this idea – as I had a belief that you were either psychic or you were not and if you were you would know, right?  There was however this tingle of delight that entered my awareness.  Some part of me marvelled at the idea that I could be psychic.  There was this arousal of excitement and joy that I hadn’t felt in years.  It made me nervous and afraid and somehow, I knew that I needed to see where this path would take me.


This is where my journey into the realms of my deep inner world began.


The journey has been challenging yet deeply rewarding. The quality of my life has changed forever.  There is this peace, harmony and flow about my life which I thought that I would never find and now I relish in it each day.  Connecting to intuitive wisdom and the depth of knowledge contained within my heart is something that I am deeply grateful to be able to experience.


I would be lying if I said that I have everything figured out and that I can always connect to my inner wisdom.  I am however learning and practicing all the time and as I look back, I start to notice how consistently working on connecting has changed my life forever. It has changed my life in ways that I used to dream about but didn’t think were possible.


I feel as if I have the opportunity now to go back to the thing that I love to do, to share in the journey with fellow human beings.  To support them and guide them on their journey and most importantly to show them what their strengths are and encourage them to embrace them.


I would love to show you what I have learned about connecting to your own inner wisdom, to learn how to trust your inner guidance.  If you are based on the Gold Coast, then come along to one of my one day workshops (the next one is on the 25th of March), or if you want to attend something virtually, then join one of my meetups, webinars or enroll in my online course.


Sending you love and light.




Connecting you to your Heart & Soul