Decision making is not the same as making choices.

Let me give you a few moments to let your mind go crazy over that statement….

If they are not the same, then how are they different you may be asking.

In the context of Human Design, making choices is something that the mind does. It is a mental process.

The mind loves to measure, to figure out what could be, what should be, what the pros are and what the cons are. This is what mind does.  It likes to “think” about things. It like to “ponder” over things.

One arrives at a choice based on the measuring or weighing up of the mental “pondering” that the mind does.

Decision making on the other hand, can only come from your Authority, from your body, your form consciousness.

There is no thinking involved. There is no mind involved.

Your body knows what is healthy and what is not healthy. What is correct and what is not correct for you. The intelligence contained within your form conscious, within your life force energy makes the decision.

By applying one’s strategy and one’s authority, one comes to a place where a decision can be made through the form consciousness.

In Human Design, everything is about decision making.

To live a life in flow, a life free from suffering one needs to be in alignment with their life force energy and allow the form consciousness to make decisions.

The decisions that are made through the form consciousness are often ones that the mind has no understanding of, it cannot mentally grasp why the decision has been made.

To truly live the life, you were designed to live, you need to deeply trust your inner authority, and allow it to make the decisions that guide your life.

No matter how far we are into our journey of Human Design, we will never be free of the mind.  The mind will always probe into things, think about things, analyse, ponder – but this does not mean that any decisions should be made from this place.

In fact to be truly correct one should never make any decisions from the mind.


How can you SEE the mind?

  • Awareness is the way to SEEING the game of the mind and being able to separate yourself from the mind.
  • You are aiming to create a sense of space between what the mind says and does and the truth of who you are.
  • Shift the mind into the position of soft background noise, rather than being the domineering controller of your life.
  • As soon as you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts, pondering what you should or should not do, you are lost in the mind.

Your form consciousness and your life force energy does not need to “think” things over, it does not need to “ponder” all the pro’s and con’s.  It knows the way and if you trust it, it will lead you to the life you have always deserved.

Making Decisions that are correct for you

  • Each type in Human Design has an aura, a strategy and an authority.
  • Each one of these are crucial in getting you out of your mind and into your body.
  • By being in the body, you are able to be more responsive to what is in your awareness field and this allows your authority to be able to cleanly connect and make decisions.
  • Take time to understand your Aura, your Strategy and your Authority. Know how they operate for you.
  • Each time you feel that you have connected to your inner intelligence (authority), use your awareness to see, feel, understand how it works for you. The more connected you are to this place within yourself the easier it will be for you to trust and allow it to make decisions that are correct for you.
  • You may want to take some time to test and validate – what does a yes feel like for you, what does a no feel like.
  • When you receive a yes from your Authority and you trust and follow it where does it lead you?  What is this experience of life like for you?
  • When you get a no, yet you allow your mind to override your Authority’s decision, where does this lead you? What is this experience of life like for you?

Trusting your AUTHORITY to make decisions for you takes time and awareness.

The time you invest in following your Aura, your Strategy and your Authority, will lead you to the life you were designed to live.

Start living as your true self today!


Come and play!!

As a guide I can help you on this journey. I can guide you to know and trust yourself.

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