Human Design:
Basic Elements 1 HR 33 mins

An introduction to the basic elements in the Human Design System.

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Human Design Basic Elements

Chapter 1 : Introduction to the course

Why enter into the world of Human Design? Human Design is an amazing tool to SEE yourself, to KNOW yourself. There is nothing to believe. Only knowing and trusting within yourself.

7mins 56sec

Chapter 2 : What you will learn

What will you learn on this course.

2mins 24sec

Chapter 3 : how to get your free chart

How to access your FREE Human Chart.

6mins 00sec

Chapter 4 : What is Human Design

Human Design is synthesis of modern and ancient wisdom. In this section we will review all the knowledge sources within the Human Design System. 

7mins 15sec

Chapter 5 : Elements of the Chart Part 1

In this section we begin to explore the various elements of the chart and how they come together to form your unique design.

  • Defined vs undefined
  • Personality vs design
  • The 9 centres
  • The not self themes of the Open Centres
  • Channels

22min 14sec

Chapter 6 : Elements of the Chart Part 2

Next we take a look at some additional elements of the Human Design Chart.

  • Hexagrams
  • Gates
  • Lines
  • Planets

2min 49sec

Chapter 7 : Type and Aura

There are four main types in Human Design and each of these types has a unique aura. In this chapter we explore the role of each of the types and the quality of their aura

16min 49sec

Chapter 8 : Authority

In the Human Design System your Authority is your internal navigation tool, the part that you go to inorder to make decisions that are both correct and healthy for you.

19min 59sec

Chapter 9 : Elements of the chart part 3

In this section we continue our discovery of the different elements within the Human Design Chart.

  • Definitions
  • Profile
  • Incarnation Cross

4min 45sec

Chapter 10 : Come and Play

Where to next on your Human Design Journey

2min 6sec

Lynda Gaiao

Lynda has a passion for understanding how Human Beings operate, what makes them unique and amazing. Human Design is the most fabulous tool to help connect each individual to the truth of who they are, outside of belief, and instead anchored into the form consciousness.

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