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Human Design is the most accurate map to seeing and living as your TRUE self. These courses are designed to help you deepen your understanding of who you are and how you are designed to life in this life.


The world of Human Design and BG5 are fascinating.

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Human Design: Centre Basics

An introduction to Living your Human Design. In this course we dive into centre mechanics, and deeping our understanding of how each centre functions.

Weekly energy transit updates

As the sun moves through the 64 hexagrams, we transit into the energy of that gate. Each week there is a video explaining the energy that the gate brings and how this could show up in your life.

Human Design: Basic Elements

Want to understand where Human Design comes from, and what all the different elements of the Human Design System are?

Human Design Conversations

A FREE video series, where I interview and discuss the world of Human Design with fellow journeyers.

Vimeo Living your Design

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