Do you have an internal drive to help others?

In my work assisting people to understand their Human Design, I have been working with a Generator who is designed to care for, support and help others.  There is this unconscious fixed life force energy within him that moves his body to see where others need help and to step in to support them. He often sees new and better ways of doing things, and there is this pressure to share this with others in an effort to help them to have a better life.

Yet there have been many experiences in his life where his efforts to support, assist and help others have gone unappreciated and sometimes have even ended up back firing on him.

One of the first things you find out about when you receive your Human Design Chart is what type you are and what your inner authority is. When you understand how your energy field around you functions and how to connect to and trust that part of you within your body that just knows where to go (your inner authority) the flow of life feels fantastic!

As a Generator with Sacral Authority it is so important for him to respond to life.

To allow life to come to him.

In addition only when the things that come to him feel correct energetically should he enter into them.

Since learning about his sacral authority, he has been tuning in to how it feels, how it works and learning to respond to life as it comes in. I asked him what he had noticed about his life since doing this, and he told me that he has seen how life absolutely does come to him and that it always works out in the end.  He has started to feel so much more flow in his life too. I asked him how satisfying the experiences have been that he has entered into correctly and he was so stoked with how good they feel.

Satisfaction is something he is feeling a lot more of these days.

We began talking about the Channel of Preservation. Having this channel of fixed life force energy in your chart means that you naturally want to care for and help others, to give them support where they need it.

Unfortunately for many people with this channel they jump into every situation that arises where someone needs help. Yet, unless this person has asked for help AND you check in to ensure that helping them is energetically correct for you, then the help that you give these people will either go unnoticed, unappreciated or they may even end up being thrown in your face at some point.  An important part about ensuring the energy from this channel works correctly for you is to ensure that you care for, help and support yourself first before helping anyone else.  This is often where people come unstuck.  They pour all their energy into helping people that don’t really want their help AND they put themselves last. The results of this are that at the end of it all, they feel totally drained of energy.

Experiences like this ultimately leave you feeling deeply frustrated and totally unsatisfied.

I asked him if this resonated with him. He confirmed that this had happened many times in his life, and in fact he is currently helping someone who has never once said thank you for anything he has done for them and it frustrates him to no end. He never seems to feel satisfied when giving this person help and support.  Each time he spends time with this person he feels his energy draining and by the end of it he has nothing left to give.

We continued to look at his chart, to see where else he has definition. 

Definition in a Human Design chart represents fixed and consistent life force energy and when you begin your Human Design Experiment, it is really helpful to know your definition. Knowing your definition helps you to connect to your consistent life force energy.

In his chart, he has a defined ego.

With a defined ego, he has the will power to commit to things.

He wanted to understand more about how his defined ego works, and I began explaining how this can be both an amazing asset in his life, and how it could get him into some sticky situations. When functioning incorrectly the defined ego can pressure other people into commitments that they probably will not be able to follow through on.

I asked him – do you identify with, and do people in your life say that you are a man of your word? “Yes”! he said.  “I always say that I am a man of my word, and even if something better comes up in my life, if I have committed to something I will honour my commitment first”.

What an amazing quality to have – to be a man of your word!

Then I asked him if he could remember a time in his life when he felt the need to help or support someone and had committed to something that he wished that he had not, but still saw the commitment through to the end.

He began sharing the Christmas Tree story with me.

He told me about a friend of his that was going through a tough patch and really looked as if he needed help.  One day they were chatting and this friend spoke about an idea he had to buy Christmas trees and sell them to make a profit. My client having this internal fixed life force energy that drives him to help and support others, began offering ideas and support to bring this idea into life.  His defined ego kicked into action and he found himself committing to helping his friend. A plan was hatched which saw them driving 4 hours to a supplier to work out a deal on the supply and delivery of the Christmas trees. There was talk about a logo and a few other steps that were needed to bring this business idea into life. 

My client, leaving for a week away at work, proceeded to make some commitments for his friend to follow through on in order to implement the plan. He wanted his friend to complete these things while he was away for work and even gave him some money so that he could get a logo designed for the business.

A week later he returned from work to find that his friend had completely let him down.

As my client finished sharing his story he realised that this story was a perfect illustration of NOT using his life force energy correctly.  He recognised that right from the beginning he knew that his efforts would not lead to any change for his friend yet his need to help others saw him stepping in and committing to helping him anyway.  He realised that with a defined ego, once he committed to something he would have the will power to keep going even if it cost him money, time and most importantly life force energy.

It is absolutely correct for him to help and support others.

Yet it is only correct when he:

  • Is aware of his inner authority.
  • Trusts his sacral energy
  • Learns to wait, to respond to life
  • Waits until someone asks him for help
  • Checks in with his sacral inner authority to ensure that helping someone feels correct for him
  • Makes sure that the first person on his list to give help, care and support to is himself.

When he enters into situations correctly in this way, his life force energy will regenerate and he will feel deeply satisfied being himself.

When he enters into situations correctly as himself he will be living as he is designed to live and these experiences will not only honour his design but see him living the life he was designed to live.

I feel honoured to be a guide in helping him to find his true self.  I have shared this story with his permission and as you would expect, he also expressed to me that he hopes that it will help someone else to find their true self too.  Exactly what could be expected from someone with this fixed life force energy that is designed to help and support others.

I absolutely love this work and how Human Design is such an amazing tool to guide others to truly SEE THEMSELVES, and LIVE as they have been DESIGNED to LIVE.

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