Did you know that always focusing on the bright side of things can rob you of your power?

I would consider myself a positive person and if you spend time with me I’m usually up beat and happy with life.

Awesome right??

Well – Yes and No.

When we focus on all the ‘good’ things in our lives without giving any of the ‘bad’ things any notice we are essentially creating an imbalance.

By shelving or ignoring a part of our experience or a set of our emotions, we are losing a massive opportunity to go within, to discover the wholeness of our being.

When we deny an aspect of ourselves, of our experiences, of our emotions we rob ourselves of the connection to the depth of our being.

Each time we ignore or deny, we create separation, we fracture and break the whole.

To find true, deep and lasting happiness we need to connect to our wholeness, to the totality and entirety of ourselves.

We are not meant to isolate aspects of ourselves away from the rest.

The totality of ourselves is who we are.  It is the depth and breadth of our experience. To deny one or more aspects to to break the whole.  By breaking the whole we can never experience completeness and wholeness.

Allow yourself to be whole, welcome, love and accept all of you and step into the light and truth of yourself.

When we can accept, allow and love unconditionally all of who we are is when we step fully into our power.

I see you.

Namaste beautiful soul