BG5 Individual, Leadership & Team Dynamics

Empowering you to navigate the world of business, aligning your team with success,  shifting your organisation from surviving to thriving.


For most humans work is drudgery or just having work is a miracle.

What if you could be guided to not only enjoy and love what you do, but be successful doing it?

To move from surviving to thriving.

What if you could be shown how to use what you have to be successful, to be productive, to make money, to get the help you need to make your life better? To have a sense of well-being in the work you are doing.

You get to bring your true authentic self to work and be respected and valued for it!


Are you striving to be the best leader you can, but find that you are constantly running into the same issues over and over?

Are you finding it challenging to understand the dynamics of all the members on your team and how to get the best from each of them?

Move from trying to fit into being a leader to embracing your authentic leadership style.

Get to the heart of the underlying dynamics and optimise your team and your ability to lead your team. 


In 2019, Gallup found that only 34% of the workforce is engaged. By their definition, this means they are committed to and enthusiastic about their work. 

What about the other 66%?

They are either having miserable work experiences or are only doing enough so they don’t get fired.

When we can align individuals to the work they are designed to do we can move them from:

Drudgery and disengagement to success

You transform your team and begin seeing Engagement, Collaboration, Improved productivity, Fulfilment and Recognition, Talent optimisation.

BG5 Individual Leadership & Team Dynamics

Optimal team Dynamics
BG5 Business analysis
BG5 individual career analysis

OC16 – Large Organisation dynamics 


EMPOWERING YOU TO SUCCESSFULLY navigate through the world of business


BG5 Individual Leadership & Team Dynamics

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What is BG5?

BG5 is the Career and Business Application of the Human Design System. It is Human Design for Business.

You get insider access to understanding the hidden dynamics within teams, large business environments and how to step up as an authentic and unique leader.

Anyone can run a business, but when you can connect to your meaning and purpose, not only in your life but in the lives of all those you touch through the work you do - this is real success!

BG5 Individual Leadership & Team Dynamics

provide practical solutions to your problems

People Hire us because:

They have a problem.

They are tired of working in a job or career that is unfulfilling.

They want to excel in their career.

They want to be a better manager.

They want to increase their profits.

They want to increase productivity.

They want to be more successful.

Their business isn’t running like they would like.

They are having problems with their employees or partnership.

They want to understand how to be a more effective leader.

They want to maximise talent optimisation, increase engagement and collaboration.

Living Aligned with success

Our sessions are held over video call, making it easy for us to connect no matter where in the world we are.

All sessions are recorded and provided as a resource for you to refer to as you align with success in your life, career or business.

BG5 enables you to connect with your core traits, strengths and gifts.

bg5 Sessions

BG5 Individual Leadership & Team Dynamics Analysis are extremely accurate tools, enabling you to uncover your precise and unique gifts, talents and skills.  The information is delivered in a practical way, enabling you to immediately apply the knowledge into your life and align you to the success you deserve.

All sessions are tailored to your indiviudal, leadership, team or business needs, and so the best place to start, is to book a free strategy session, or send an email describing what your current issues and challenges are and what the structure of your work environment is and what you are hoping to achieve, and I can advise which sessions will deliver the best outcomes for you.

LETS DISCUSS HOW WE CAN USE BG5 Individual, Leadership & Team Dynamics

Hi, I am Lynda Gaiao

Quantum Transformation Coach
BG5 Business & Career, Cycles, OC16 & Profit Potential Consultant
Human Design Analyst
Human Design Family Practice Specialist

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