The Ego Centre

In Human Design there are 9 centres. One of these is known as the Ego/Heart/Will Centre.

If this centre is open or undefined (white) then this means that this is one of the places in your design where you take in conditioning.

The conditioning that comes in from the world around us consists of beliefs, ideas, information about who we should be, how we should live and how we should behave. Yet the majority of this has nothing to do with who we truly are.

As the years go by and we take on more and more conditioning, they begin to hide or mask who we truly are.  We do these things over and over again until they rest within our subconscious. They become programmed behaviours and our patterns around which we live our life.  We do and act from these places often without any conscious awareness that these patterns exist within us.

The mind loves to use this conditioning as a force against us.  It takes what we are not – the not-self, and continually convinces us that there is something wrong with us, something that needs to be fixed. It then begins to give us things to DO, things that it tells us will fix these issues with us.

This however is a trap.

You cannot change of fix who you truly are, as there is nothing to fix.

There is only the letting go of what you are not, so that the truth of who you are can be revealed.

Every center has a not-self theme, and the not-self theme of the ego is:

Am I still trying to prove myself?

Watch this video to learn more about how the not self them of the ego shows up..


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