Do you get tension and pain in your neck and shoulders on a regular basis?

When I connect into my clients energy, I often feel this pain and tension.

Very often it is related to holding onto things unnecessarily. Women in particular tend to hold onto things FOR other people. They want to help, they want to take the weight off of other people.

The weight that I am referring to here is when we try to do things for others, things that they should really be doing for themselves. It is when we try resolve or solve the problems of others, that they should really be solving for themselves. Our intentions are amazing, but the end results are not good for either of us.

Each time we take away the opportunity for someone to face up to their own “stuff”, to work through their own “stuff” we rob them of a chance to heal, to grow, to transform and to raise their energy vibration.

And in return for this we begin to accumulate and build up stagnant energy within our own cells.  When we take on something that is not ours to solve or resolve it is not our energy, and so instead of being able to move this energy freely, it becomes stagnant, sitting in our energy field, storing in our cells.

In my experience the place in the body where this energy is most commonly stored is around the neck and shoulders.

Do you have discomfort, tension or pain in your neck and shoulders?

If your body is in pain, tension or discomfort around your neck and shoulders, it is time for you to check in and see what you can let go of, what you can release that is not yours to be holding onto.

By holding onto energy of another you create a pattern of behaviour.  One where they will always ask you to help them or do things for them (which they really should be doing themselves).  A pattern is formed of you always giving and them always receiving.  This type of energy exchange is unhealthy for both of you and very often will leave you feeling drained and exhausted.  Should this energy pattern continue over an extended period of time it generally leads to feelings of resentment and a breakdown in communication in the relationship.

Are you ready to let go?

Are you ready to give back what is not yours to deal with?


  • I love them
  • I care about them
  • They need me
  • I’m their Mum and that is what Mum’s do
  • They can’t do it without me

The list of reasons why we should carry the weight of another could go on and on and on.  Yet, until we change the energy dynamic in these relationships the burdens will continue to flow in and the pain you are experiencing in your neck and shoulders will not go away.

Your discomfort, tension and pain are a warning.  It is your bodies way of trying to get your attention.  To let you know that the energy dynamics are unhealthy.

Ignoring the pain or just wishing it away will work temporarily, but until you tune into your body and pay attention to what it is trying to tell you, the pain will continue to surface and over time it will more than likely worsen.

When I feel pain in my neck and shoulders, I take some time to stop what I am doing and bring all my focus, concentration and awareness to the pain. I close my eyes, and I take some deep breaths. I give the pain the attention it has been asking for, instead of just wishing it was not there, or ignoring it because I am too busy.

Using my intuitive sense, I tune into this area to see, feel, hear what it is trying to tell me.

Sometimes it tells me

– that I need to reclaim my own energy, as I have allowed it to be too dispersed.
– that I just need to take some deep breaths and visualise the energy that is not mine to be released.
– to take a break, to have some rest.
– to set new boundaries in some of my relationships

Take a moment now, and tune into your pain, tension and discomfort and connect into what it wants you to know so that you can release it and restore your body into its aligned and centred state of full health and vitality.

You could even ask the question – “Is this mine?” and if the answer is no, then you need to be willing to release and let it go.

Remember that for many of us we have set up patterns of energy over a long period of time and so you will need to:

  • consistently tune in and let go, tune in and release.
  • change the energy dynamics in your relationships.
  • start saying no more often, instead of always saying yes.
  • take some time to decide what is ok and what is not ok behaviour in your relationships
  • decide what do YOU need
  • start seeing where you can put yourself first more

Over time you will begin to notice that the energy dynamics of your relationships will begin to shift and as they do so will the discomfort, tension and pain.

I see you…