Every person I have come into contact with has some level of trauma they are dealing with from the past. The effect of these traumatic imprints are often on a very physical level. Traumatic experiences leave the most impactful imprint on the emotional body, which is directly linked to our ability to deal with stress related experiences.

If you grew up around loving and nurturing relationships and interactions, then the emotional imprints left behind can be useful to you. However, traumatic imprints can in contrast lead to you experiencing repetitive stress and damage to your system as these experiences replay over and over either on a conscious or a subconscious level.

Epigenetics speaks about markers on our genetic coding which change how the genes are expressed by either turning the genes “on” or “off”. One way to picture this is as a software program. A program that subconsciously records emotional events and then in response to the environment it alters or modulates the way in which the genes are expressed.

For example, over time in response to repeated abuse, your epigenetic software programs would accumulate. If there are no opportunities for release, resolution, or relief then the programs eventually become part of your operating system. You end up with a system that is operating in a chronic stress mode. Ultimately your ability to process, deal with and handle stress is negatively affected resulting in you carrying a large amount of unresolved emotional trauma.

Everyone has some emotional baggage, things that they have been lugging around their entire lives.
The longer you hold onto emotional baggage the more difficult it is for you to deal with any new experiences, and so the baggage pile just continues to build and build.
There are ways to release this unresolved trauma and reverse the software programs, so that we can return to optimal functioning.

Physical detoxification and purification are one of those methods. It is also possible to reprogram through love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. Meditation and altered states of consciousness are other effective methods for reprogramming.

Experiments on young primates found that they respond epigenetically to both love and the lack of love. Those that had on going stress of being unloved suffered with lifelong social problems and difficulties in copy with stress. The environmental experiences they went through led to maladaptive epigenetic programming which altered their ability to deal with stress.

Meditation studies have shown the ability to induce a “relaxation Response” in the body which alters brain activity and functioning in the emotional body (PNEI network) – and this leads to epigenetic changes.

Intensive meditation has been shown to induce rapid epigenetic changes – altering how inflammatory genes are expressed. Inflammation in the body is directly linked to how we process and handle stress.

Energy in the form of emotional trauma, childhood trauma, in utero trauma and ancestral trauma have all been linked to epigenetic imprints.

It is now known that we inherit epigenetic software from our parents. Our parents accumulate programs over the course of their lives, from the stories of their lives as well as their parents lives and so on.

Both the egg and the sperm carry epigenetic programming that are passed on. Some of these programs are useful. In wild mice who live in natural settings they inherit instincts from their parents. These epigenetic programs enable the mouse’s genes to be tuned into the local ecosystem. It is born with the ability respond to certain sounds and smells which tell it what is good to eat and what it needs to stay away from such as predators. All of this is geared towards survival.

While some inherited epigenetic software contains advantageous instincts, others carry the inability to adapt or deal with stress. Children of concentration camp survivors inherited the epigenetic imprints from the experiences their parents had which ultimately lead many of them to suffer from stress related disorders such as anxiety.

Our emotional bodies are continuously recording and responding to events as a way of preparing ourselves for the future.

The way our bodies function is directly linked to the epigenetic programming and this can span into future generations.

Any recurrent and unrelieved stress can lead to inheritable diseases like anxiety disorders.

Lucky for us, anything that is programmed at the software level can be re-programmed. Love and acceptance are some of the most powerful tools to bring our stress-response functioning back to a healthy level. When you are able to re-program yourself, it can ripple through time, bringing healing to your bloodline.

Self-love, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and expanded states of consciousness are all amazing tools to heal and to re-program.

“When it comes to healing the emotional body, love is the original spiritual medicine”. Joseph Tafur
As I dive deeper and deeper into living my Human Design, one of the biggest take away messages for me is self-love.

In a recent expanded state of consciousness experience I connected to healing within my own body, which I could feel rippling through time and across space to bring healing to generations that have come before me as well as generation to come. I also experienced myself in a state of pure consciousness outside of time and without any maladaptive programming. I was able to feel and embody the true expression of myself without anything weighing me down or holding me back. I was encouraged to just be me unapologetically.

The power of self-healing (or re-programming) is immense and it is absolutely worth the journey of diving into being a full and true expression of your life force energy here and now.

Human Design and BG5 - Business Human Design brings awareness into your life. It helps you sift through what you are holding onto - your shadow - and enables you to let go.

With the letting go comes the ability to embrace the truth of who you are with wide open arms.

As a guide I can help you on this journey. I can guide you to know and trust yourself.

If you are would like to explore whether Human Design or BG5 are for you, then please book in a strategy session and we can invesitage how to move you from where you are to living aligned with success.

Aliging you to success.





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