Have you ever really just let go and allowed life to move you?

I understand from personal experience what it means to push and force my way through life. I spent years of my life doing just this and it lead to success in many areas of my life. Then a few years ago, a coach that I was working with told me that I was entering a phase of my life where pushing would no longer work for me.

I need to learn to let go, she told me.

I remember at the time understanding what she meant on a logical and conceptual basis, but I struggled and wrestled with how to implement this in a practical way into my life. After all, I had spent most of my life forging a path for myself and it had worked really well, and so parts of me began to fight desperately to hang on to what I knew, onto what “worked”.

Everywhere you look it seems as if someone is trying to PUSH something onto you.

It can sometimes feel as if our entire existence is about pushing towards something.  The media floods us with images and manipulates our emotions into thinking we need to work towards something that we are not, or something we don’t yet have. Sales tactics capitalise on the scarcity model – “Buy now or MISS OUT!” The people we care about, in their well meaning (or not so well meaning) ways try to tell us what to do, or how we should live.

We feel the pressure to be, do, have…

Our minds take this pressure and go to work on trying to think our way through things. Creating reasons and rationalisations as to why we should do something, be something or have something. We feel lack in our lives, we feel as if we have something to fix and so we surge into action, we push towards removing the perceived lack.

In this process, we find ourselves contorting ourselves into a way of being that is NOT CORRECT for us.

We try to push and force our lives in a specific direction. Then we scratch our heads in dismay as we reach our “destination” only to feel UN-successful, UN-satisfied, and NOT at peace.

We deeply feel the suffering that results from living this life of resistance.

I have heard the analogy of: we can either step into the stream of life and stand there fighting the flow of the water, or we can just let go and allow the flow of life to take us where it needs to go. Once again, conceptually and logically, I get this.  But to know this, to feel comfortable with this, to trust this, is a whole other thing.

In the past few weeks, I have found myself really starting to get this.  To KNOW this. Not with my mind, not with logic, but in my body intelligence. Knowing at this level is way beyond belief.  It is a knowing that is connected with the vary fabric of our existence. A knowing on a deep cellular level – way beyond the mind.

I have begun to recognise that my mind has been holding me in resistance.

It has been fighting for control, not wanting to relinquish its position of power. It has been so sly and tricky.  Running a program in the background that kept my thoughts ruminating and churning in a way that was not allowing me to let go.

Without letting go of the mind, you can never truly trust your body intelligence.

But when you do – WOW! It feels amazing. It doesn’t have anything to do with changing or fixing anything, it is simply about letting go. About going into your form consciousness, into your body intelligence and trusting it to guide you though life.

We all need to:

  • STOP using our minds to navigate through life.
  • STOP listening to other people tell you how we should live.
  • STOP trying to be or do something that we are not.

When you can learn to let go of everything that is not you and allow life to move you, the resistance will drop away and in its place will be the life that you were designed to live.

In Human Design you are given a MAP that guides you to KNOW your body intelligence, to know what to trust, to know how to move into things that are CORRECT for you. With this you can begin to experience the freedom of letting go, of trusting and allowing life to guide you.

Do you want to understand your Human Design?  Book an Understanding your Human Design Session and discover the map to being the Unique you that you are and living the life you were designed to live.


Lynda Gaiao – Connecting you to your Soul Power, to your Inner Guidance, so that you can make decisions that are CORRECT for you and live the life you are DESIGNED to live.