At some point in our lives we are all affected
by herd mentality or “group mind”. 

Herd mentality is where we are influenced by our peers to adopt certain behaviours which influence the way we make decisions.  These decisions are based on the mentality of the herd rather than on how we would make decisions as an individual.

It only takes 5% of confident “looking” people to influence the direction of 95% of the people in the crowd, without them realising that they have been influenced.

With what is going on in the world at the moment with the Corona Virus, it is so easy to see this in operation.  People fighting over toilet paper in supermarkets and watching as the isles in supermarkets all over the world suddenly have a toilet paper shortage. 

A real life example of herd mentality.

  • How then does this affect us on a “regular” daily basis? 
  • How much are we not even aware off?
  • How much are we being influenced?
  • Are there larger energetic themes or cycles at play that influence us?

We are part of a larger collective consciousness, and therefore we are influenced by the thinking and behaviour of this collective.

If everything is energy, and we are energy, then to some degree we are all part of a larger whole. It is our relationship with the whole and how we see the part that we are here to play that is affected by the collective consciousness and energetic energy theme around us.

From a Human Design perspective we have been under the influence of the era of planning for the past 400 hundred years. This is an energetic “program” under which we have been running.

The main theme of the era of planning is ALONE-NESS.

This alone-ness stems from disconnection to the whole. During this era:

  • We have been trading our time for money.
  • We have been a cog in the machine/engine of the corporation or large organisation.
  • We do not feel as if we are part of the family.
  • We have no relationship to the “family” (corporation).
  • We feel disconnected from the whole.
  • Our decision making process has been external, i.e. we place our trust in the other to make decisions for us.
  • We are lost in the illusion that we are separate from the whole.
  • We only see the illusion and the delusion rather than the truth.
  • We are lost in the mind (which cannot know what is correct or healthy for us).

In 2027 we move into the era of the individual

The energetic influence over us during this new era is going to shift in a dramatic way and the old structures will no longer work.

Leading up to this change we are faced with chaos and crisis (similar to what the world has been facing with the Corona Virus), where we are forced to change the way we do things, and look at the world from a new perspective.

It is through the crises, and this chaos that we will break down old structures, so that new ones can emerge, These new structures are essential for our progress and survival as a species. Those of us that remain stuck in the old and refuse to let go, will be lost and ultimately “destroyed” in the process.

In the era of the individual we being to shift towards connected-ness.

Rather than feeling alone and disconnected, we begin to see how we are connected and what part we play in the larger whole.

To get to this place of connection and understanding, we first need to dive deep into ourselves. We need to strip away everything that no longer serves us and begin to see and recognise our uniqueness. We need to anchor into our unique gifts and talents and what we have been designed to do in this life time.

During this new era of the individual:

  • We feel connected to the whole. 
  • We embrace our independence, our ability to be self-sufficient.
  • We place our trust in ourselves, and begin to make decisions from our body intelligence.
  • We move from being lost in the illusion and into deep wisdom.
  • We see that we are unique, and it is precisely our uniqueness that is needed to see our part within the whole.
  • We know how we fit into the bigger picture, and how our unique talents and gifts are required to serve ourselves and those around us.
  • We develop a deep relationship with the “family”, with the whole.
  • We become deeply connected with those that are on our fractal and we know and understand the part we are here to play.
  • We let go of the stories that the mind tells us and we begin trusting in the life’s process.
  • We recognise our unique design and we begin to live correctly as ourselves.

How do we prepare to live in the era of the individual?

Human Design is one tool that enables us to not only see what we need to let go of, but also helps us to understand our unique design, and therefore the part that we are here to play in the whole.

It gives us an understanding of how we are designed to make decisions and empowers us with the tools we need to trust in our own decision making process. 

Human Design has really assisted me unravelling the truth of who I am.  It has helped me to see my shadow and to let go of all the things that have been holding me back from embracing my true potential and unique life force energy.

Delving into understanding your Human Design is a great way for you to do the same.

Do you want to come on the Human Design Journey?

As a guide I can help you to dive into your Human Design journey. learning to see your unique life force energy and to live the life you were designed to live.

These are some ways to start and to continue on your Human Design Journey: