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For most humans work is drudgery or just having work is a miracle.

What if you could be guided to not only enjoy and love what you do, but be successful doing it?

To move from surviving to thriving.

What if you could be shown how to use what you have to be successful, to be productive, to make money, to get the help you need to make your life better? To have a sense of well-being in the work you are doing.

You get to bring your true authentic self to work and be respected and valued for it!


Are you striving to be the best leader you can, but find that you are constantly running into the same issues over and over?

Are you finding it challenging to understand the dynamics of all the members on your team and how to get the best from each of them?

Move from trying to fit into being a leader to embracing your authentic leadership style.

Get to the heart of the underlying dynamics and optimise your team and your ability to lead your team. 


In 2019, Gallup found that only 34% of the workforce is engaged. By their definition, this means they are committed to and enthusiastic about their work. 

What about the other 66%?

They are either having miserable work experiences or are only doing enough so they don’t get fired.

When we can align individuals to the work they are designed to do we can move them from:

Drudgery and disengagement to success

You transform your team and begin seeing Engagement, Collaboration, Improved productivity, Fulfilment and Recognition, Talent optimisation.

We provide practical solutions to your problems

People Hire us because:

They have a problem.

They are tired of working in a job or career that is unfulfilling.

They want to excel in their career.

They want to be a better manager.

They want to increase their profits.

They want to increase productivity.

They want to be more successful.

Their business isn’t running like they would like.

They are having problems with their employees or partnership.

They want to understand how to be a more effective leader.

They want to maximise talent optimisation, increase engagement and collaboration.

Hi, my name is Lynda Gaiao,

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than watching someone grow and discover themselves on a deeper level. To watch them connecting to the wisdom within and to be guided through life from a place of inner authority. To see them truly stand in their power and shine.

If you have ever used a Personal Assessment/Personality Profiling Tool, you may have found that at some point you felt “boxed” into a set of descriptors about who you are. You reached a “ceiling” and could not get any further along.

Human Design and BG5 which is the Business and Career application of the Human Design System is all about the science of differentiation. It uncovers the mechanics behind how unique each one of us is and empowers you to embrace and live your uniqueness. 

They help you break out of the box and step into a life of passion, joy, ease, and flow that is perfect for you.

Through your Human Design or BG5 journey you will have the opportunity to really see and deeply understand what your true gifts, talents and strengths are. You will learn about how your non-verbal presence is constantly communicating with the world around you.

You get to step into alignment with your life work and see what it means to reach your full potential. You discover how you are designed to work, to connect with others, to lead, to collaborate, to be part of a team and to live a life where work and play feel totally aligned.


A way that is filled with more ease and flow. They want practical tools that can step them into alignment with this life that they KNOW they deserve.

As a guide, coach and mentor, our sessions together will build your awareness of everything that is holding you back, standing in your way and stopping you from stepping into a life of ease, flow and success.

On the Human Design journey, the focus is on waking you up, while the BG5 Business and Career sessions are aimed at providing practical tools that enable you to be successful in your job, career or business in a fulfilling way. It reveals the hidden and underlying dynamics and reveals to you how to be an authentic and effective leader, and how to engineer your teams to be optimal and successful.

I have always been able to see things that others could not – it is a Projector / Adviser “thing”! When recognised and invited, I can share great wisdom that can truly assist you towards finding deep success and fulfillment in your life.

I look forward to guiding you to successfully live YOUR life.

Living Aligned to Success!





 Lynda Gaiao

Leadership Coach, BG5 Business & Career Consultant & Human Design Guide


Vimeo Living your Design

Things I have learned along the way

  • A lifetime of leadership, teaching, coaching, training and facilitation
  • Masters Degree in Education (MEd)
  • HDE in JP/PP
  • Cert 4 in Training & Assessment
  • 7 years of psychology training
  • Investment in Excellence Facilitator
  • Human Design Training (LYD, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography, Professional Analyst)
  • BG5 Business & Career Consultant (The Career and Business Application of the Human Design System) 
  • OC16 Consultant Certification  – Large group and Business Dynamics (in training)
  • Profit Potential Coaching Certification (in training)
  • Inspired Leadership through emotional intelligence
  • Understanding Alpha Brain waves and optimal performance
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Online business, website creation, using technology to enable service based businesses
  • Reiki & Energy Vibration Alignment Healing
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Muscle testing
  • Psychic Reading, Oracle card reading & Mediumship


For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about understanding how we humans operate.  What makes us unique and how can we encourage each person to live as the most optimal version of themselves. I absolutely love guiding people to be aligned with the success I know they deserve.

After studying teaching, I went on to create multiple amazing businesses, and became a self-made millionaire by the time I was 30.  I was doing exactly what I was designed to do, and loving each and every day of it.  Leading, teaching and guiding others is what I was born to do and felt so honoured to touch so many lives along the way.

I left everything I had ever known and worked for behind to start a life in a new country as my country of birth no longer felt safe to live in.

Stepping onto a new land, I was excited by the prospects of what life held for me, yet I was unprepared for the challenges, hardship and struggle that was to come. It took me almost 10 years to find myself again.  During that time, I was stretched to the limits of my emotional and energetic capacity.  I found myself doing what needed to be done to survive and learned what it felt like to be totally disconnected from living aligned to the success I knew I deserved. Looking back, I recognise that this journey was laid out to not only show me what I was not, but for me to really uncover what I was truly capable of.  

I almost reached breaking point, when I recognised that it was time to let go of all that had been holding me back and re-align to success. I learned to reconnect with my inner authority, and to once again live from a place of knowing and trust, rather than fear and anxiousness.

The more I apply all I have learned along the way into my life, the more aligned to success I become.

There is no greater gift in this life than to live as yourself. To know and to trust that all that you are is what is needed at this time. That if you live as yourself, life flows to you and you no longer find yourself in the resistance and suffering that most people encounter on the journey of life.

This journey back to self is the most amazing journey that anyone can undertake. In many ways I see that this is a life long journey for me, and yet with each step I take I am amazed and surprised at what life has in store for me. 

As an adviser I am here to lead and guide others to feel fulfilled and align to the success they deserve. I am able to laser focus on what is not working and to move through challenges towards success in an optimal and functional way.


“Lynda gives amazing advice and direction.”

Monica Rexach Oritz

“Omg your work is amazing. This is SO helpful. Since applying the BG5 principles into my business I have seen the largest financial growth and alignment with my ideal clients”

Cathy Rosa

December 2020

“Lynda connected to me in an unprecedented depth and was able to read everything going on inside of me, as well as explain how to overcome internal barriers preventing me from freeing myself. Attempting to explain to people how I felt always left me dissatisfied and like I myself couldn’t understand the battle I was fighting, but Lynda was able to lend me clarity so I could finally begin to deal with what I had suppressed.”

Elizabeth Ivanova-Gibson

“Oh you gorgeous woman … THANK YOU. What an absolutely beautiful and powerful session. Everything you said about my work resonated with me and confirmed to me what my heart knows. I am on the right track and I simply must keep unfolding, opening and shining my work into the world through my heart. I had tears of relief and sweet tears of knowingness. 

Kim Newing

Living Aligned with success

Our sessions are held over video call, making it easy for us to connect no matter where in the world we are.

All sessions are recorded and provided as a resource for you to refer to as you align with success in your life, career or business.

Both BG5 and Human Design enable you to connect with your core traits, strengths and gifts.

Work with me

Human Design and BG5 are extremely accurate tools, enabling you to uncover your precise and unique gifts, talents and skills.  The information is delivered in a practical way, enabling you to immediately apply the knowledge into your life and align you to the success you deserve.

Certified BG5 Career and Business Professional

BG5 Business & Career Overview

Here you can begin the core understanding needed to fully utilize your specific gifts, talents and attributes that you are here to share with the world. It covers the first 6 of the 16 Success Codes and gives practical tools for you to access your unique career design.

BG5 partnership analysis

A BG5 Partnership Analysis enables two people to maximise the potential of their working relationship. It uncovers all the strengths, traits and weaknesses that occur when two people come together. It delves into the dynamics of the relationship. It takes a look at the potential “hot spots” in the partnership and how you can have the most effective working relationship.

Human Design Foundations

New to Human Design, then this is a good starting point. We will explore where you take on your conditioning. How to become aware of your not-self. What your strategy for living the life you were designed to live is. What your inner authority is and how you can start making decisions that are correct for you.

BG5 Business & Career Analysis

This is an empowering resource and a detailed map for the living of your BG5™ Success Code. It details the tools that you will need to navigate your work life as either an employee or a business owner. All 16 success codes are covered during the Analysis.

BG5 Alpha Leadership & Team Dynamics Analysis

A BG5 Leadership and Team Dynamics Analysis enables leaders and teams to optimise the talent within the team, increase engagement, boost collaboration, foster diversity and inclusion and thereby create a successful foundation that ensures team and organisational success. Leaders get a deep understanding of not only their leadership style, but how to connect with their team in a way that brings out the best in all of you. 

Living your Human Design

Their is no greater gift in this life than to live as yourself. To know and to trust that all that you are is what is needed at this time. Human Design is a tool to help you life the life you were designed to live. It is a journey back to self – back to the truth of who you are.

Hello Gorgeous Soul, I am Lynda Gaiao

Leaderhsip Coach, BG5 Business & Career Consultant & Human Design Guide

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